Meet Rowan Grace in The Voice Season 22: Everything You Need to Know

Boys season 22 is finally getting closer to team prep. One of the contestants, Rowan Grace, attended the show, singing Traitor to Olivia Rodrigo’s song. Well, the voice show was one of the most watched shows because of the incredible talent that gets to the show. But why is Rowan Grace so popular?

Read ahead to learn more about how Rowan Grace surprised the judges with her performance in Season 22 of The Voice.

Voice season 22 and blind audition

The singing reality show “The Voice” was one of the most amazing shows in history. Thanks to the popularity of the drama, this year marks its 22nd season. Recently, we had a team of Voice season 22 pick the best entrants to start a voice battle.

The show follows the convention of selecting participants by blind audition. Judges only turn their chairs to see who the contestants are when they like their voices. Well, there was one of those contestants who recently surprised all the judges with Rowan Grace’s song Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo.

Rowan Grace surprises the judges in season 22 of The Voice.

All viewers of the Boyce have finally come to see the show’s team come to an end. Because we had contestants still finding their place on the show’s team. Recently, the final blind audition of VOICE was held.

One of the contestants appeared as Rowan Grace Hibbard. Who put her performance on the line in a way that surprised all the judges. When we got her to sing her Olivia Rodrigo’s Traitor song. During her performance in her blind audition, we first had John and Gwen turn her chairs around for her. Later, Camila Cabello also turned the chair for Rowan.

Who is Rowan Grace?

Rowan Grace Hibbard is only 17 years old. Someone from Rapid City, South Dakota. It’s not just that she can sing at her young age. She is also adept at playing the piano and has her own titled band that she plays everywhere.

She continued to play Olivia Rodrigo’s songs. Both John and Gwen were impatient and turned their chairs to Rowan. In fact, the Voices posted Rowan’s pick in season 22 and she picked up mentor Gwen.

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