Meet Suede Brooks as Drake discovers a new woman.

The life of Canadian rapper Drake is always good enough to get the media attention as he’s been in the limelight since he was recently captured on a yacht with model Suede Brooks. Yes, Brooks and Drake recently saw them having fun together on a yacht. Now the media is trying to find out if they are romantically connected to each other in any way.

Read ahead to learn more about Drake and Suede Brooks spotted together on a yacht.

Drake partying in St Tropez

Canadian rapper Drake makes the internet buzz with his choices, including his lifestyle and love life. He travels all over the world and continues to party. Recently he was partying in St Tropez. But this time she was a woman who caught everyone’s attention, not his retreat.

Yes, because the rapper continued to party around and at St Tropez. He was on a yacht with a model. Well, it’s not like you’ve seen him before. He was enjoying sailing with model and YouTube star Suede Brooks.

Suede Brooks and Drake had a great time together.

Drake may have previously been connected with another woman. But this time he was having a good time on the yacht with Suede Brooks and her best friend. The two were going to lunch at Club 55 on a Wednesday. Don’t forget, Club 55 was a celebrity favorite.

suede brooks

Meanwhile, the two on the yacht were wearing comfortable clothes. Drake wore a beige Benz T-shirt with white shorts and sneakers. With him, the YouTube diva slid off one shoulder in a blue bikini in a half-buttoned shirt. It made her shine on her sunny day while her hair was loose.

Netizens react to Drake and Suede Brooks captured together

Without a doubt, Drake’s love life and work have always been open to the media. Celebrities can hardly hide about his love life. Drake and his new vacation partner, Suede Brooks, are definitely making the internet buzzing with a lot of rumors.

Some netizens speculate that Drake and Brooks may be dating each other. However, there is currently no clue on their social media to prove the rumors to be true.

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