Meet the New ‘Housewives’: Andy Cohen Announces RHONY Season 14 Cast

The new ears of The Real Housewives of New York City have arrived with the confirmation of seven new stars of the reality franchise at BravoCon. Sai De Silva, Ubah Hassan, Erin Dana Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Lizzy Savetsky, Jessel Taank and Brynn Whitfield are new housewives from NYC who will be part of RHONY season 14, which is set to begin filming this fall. The cast was announced during a live broadcast with Andy Cohen at the Bravo Show in New York City. Set to make a big appearance in 2023, real-life housewives from New York City will follow an all-new gathering of seven dynamic women running in similar groups of friends. world.

From fashion and real estate to philanthropy and social influence, these women have changed New York City and will now share their lives in a city that will never rest, intermingling careers, daily routines and hectic social schedules. RHONY has been discontinued after season 13 of the Long Operating System. Executive Producer Andy Cohen recently confirmed that former stars will be part of a ‘Legacy’ spin-off project. A cast for the new show has not yet been reported. Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan have been confirmed to appear in a new spin-off project called Luann and Sonja: Welcome To Crappie Lake.

RHONY Season 14 Cast Announced

New York City’s Real Housewives Reboot is finally here. Andy Cohen finally revealed an all-new and diverse cast for season 14 of the long series Rhony at BravoCon 2022 on Sunday. Bravo was founded, creative director Sai De Silva, model and philanthropist Ubah Hassan, home improvement expert Erin Dana Lichy, former J. Team Chairman Jenna Lyons, influencer Lizzy Savetsky, fashion ambassador Jessel Taank and seven ‘housewives’ in brand marketing ‘ is presented. and communications expert Brynn Whitfield.
Production of RHONY season 14 begins this fall, with the season debuting in 2023. The network had previously declared a reboot of RHONY in the spring and released a legacy version of the show highlighting NYC-based graduates from the original run.

Meet the 7 cast members of RHONY’s new season

1. Jenna Lions

Jenna Lions As former President and Executive Creative Director of the J.Crew Group, she was generally recognized as the innovative force behind the phenomenal growth of American retainer chains from a floundering catalog chain to one of America’s most popular fashion brands. Jenna Lyons is currently the co-founder and CEO of D2C beauty brand LoveSeen and lives in New York with her son Beckett.

2. Sai de Silva

Instagram/Scout City

Sai de Silva I am an African Latina who grew up in New York. She is the creative director of Scout City, which started as a blog of her passion projects and immediately developed into an online lifestyle destination. Scout City chronicles the adventures of parenting in style at her home in Brooklyn, where Sai De Silva lives with spouse David Craig and her two children (London, Rio).

3. Uva Hassan

Uva Hassan She is a Somali model and philanthropist who moved to New York. Initially, Ubah Hassan fled to Kenya with his father and brothers and sisters, but later moved to Canada where he was noticed by photographers and in this way was signed by a modeling agency. Ubah Hassan is also the founder and pioneer of UBAHHOT, a hot sauce company she created from scratch.

4. Erin Dana Ritchie

Erin Dana Ritchie A fun, confident, and outspoken New Yorker who grew up in Manhattan as one of five children in a close-knit Israeli family. Erin Dana Lichy became her real estate agent at the age of 19 and owns her own home improvement and design firm, Homegirl. Another significant Erin is a lawyer and owner of Lichy Law. The couple share three children and live in Tribeca. Erin Dana Lichy says she is really friendly, she likes to be with other people and can spend time she can count on.

5. Lizzie Savetsky

Lizzie Savetsky Digital influencer, activist, mother of three, and plastic surgeon Dr. Ira Savetsky’s wife. She started out in Post Worth, Texas, where Lizzy Savetsky moved to New York for her school and after a brief stretch in her hometown she returned to the Big Apple. Her Lizzy uses her own platform to promote her own style, teach others her steadfast beliefs, and host her Instagram show Bashert to help her Jewish singles find love are helping to make it happen.

6. Jessel Tank

Jessel Tank He is an outgoing, free-spirited fashion publisher and brand consultant known for his stereotypical thinking. Jessel Taank, of British-Indian descent, met Pavit Randhawa, her better stepson financier, after being introduced by her friend at her bar. Her love affair did not start right away, and she remained friends for a long time before starting her relationship. The couple married in Mexico in 2014 and have twin sons.

7. Bryn Whitfield

Bryn Whitfield Proficient in brand marketing and exchange. Brynn Whitfield loves to host interior design, fashion and evening get-togethers in her (small but powerful) West Town apartment. Initially born in a small town in the Midwest, Brynn Whitfield was raised by her grandmother. Her grandmother gave her valuable lessons about going through life, and she learned the true importance of diligence and story as a mixed race woman.

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