Meet Vick Hope when Calvin Harris is reported to be engaged after five months of dating.

There’s a new lovebird in town as Vick Hope is reportedly engaged to DJ Calvin Harris after five months of dating. Everyone knows DJ Calvin Harris well. His relationship with Vick Hope went unnoticed. The two have recently been revealed to the public, suggesting that they are dating. But who is Vick Hope?

Read ahead to learn more about DJ Calvin’s relationship with Vick Hope.

Who is Big Hope?

Vick Hope is widely known as a TV host and radio host. She is also a journalist and publishing writer. She is also a journalist for ITN and Marie Claire. However, one of her popular shows appeared in London as the Capital Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp and Sonny Jay.

Hope has a successful career including a TV presenter. Although many shows and projects have been added to her career. She has recently been in the spotlight for her relationship with DJ Calvin Harris.

DJ Calvin Harris and Vick Hope have been dating for the past 5 months.

Calvin Harris and Vick Hope both kept their relationship a secret from the public. Reports have emerged that they have been dating for the past 5 months. In fact, according to reports, the two fell in love with each other and soon continued their next move.

Not only that, but this Monday at the Chelsea Flower Show. That the new lovebirds were together while looking happy with each other. Reports have already suggested what is going on between the two as they love each other so much.

Calvin Harris and Vick Hope are engaged.

According to the latest reports on Vick Hope and Calvin Harris, Harris got on his knees to ask Vick to marry him on his Ibiza farm, Terra Masia. Even the bird parakeet was posting pictures of the beautiful trees on Harris Farm, which he had offered hope for. Fans of both men are delighted with the new couple.

Don’t forget that Hope is wearing a diamond ring on his left hand that looks like an engagement ring. According to current aides, the two are planning to get married soon. The wedding may thus be taking place in Ibiza.

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