MEME: Fans compared Zac Efron’s new look to “Shrek” character Lord Farquaad.

Social media users had a lot to say after a photo was taken of Zac Efron shooting for Kevin Von Erich’s new role in Iron Claw. In the leaked photos, the High School Musical graduate wore a tight gray cut-off crew-neck tank, ripped denim shorts, and most notably a brown wig with short bangs and wavy hair past the ears. After the photo went viral online, Twitter users had a field day comparing him to Shrek’s villain Lord Farquaad. One fan tweeted that if Lord farquaad hit the weight room he’d likely be himself, alluding to the muscle gain Zac Efron took to look like his wrestling role. But Sir Farquaad made it the 21st century, another added.

I saw Wonder Farquaad working out, the fan joked. Another fan joked that Zac Efron wasn’t going to be Sir Farquaad’s lost brother. Still, Zac Efron doesn’t seem too upset about the comparison, as he still doesn’t seem to be able to comment on the madness of social media. In September, the ‘Neighbors’ entertainer put the misinformation on one more physical trait: the chin. After speculation that fans had undergone medical procedures to improve his jaw, Efron told Men’s Health that he broke his socks while walking around the house. After he underwent medical procedures to repair the damage, his facial muscles grew enormously large enough to make up for the injury. Maseter has just grown, he told the outlet. They have become very huge.


Zac Efron is being compared to Shrek Villian Lord Farquaad after his new look.

Zac Efron was the subject of a joke. The High School Musical star was trolled by the Shrek character Lord Farquaad meme after appearing as an intensely muscular figure on the set of the movie. In photos floating around the web, the 35-year-old celebrity was considered shooting for a new role for Kevin Von Erich in the movie The Iron Hook. He rocked a tight gray cut-off crewneck tank, ripped denim shorts, and a most striking brown wig with short bangs and wavy hair across the ears. As the photo went viral on social media, Twitter users began comparing him to Shrek’s villain Lord Farquad, a tall villain character with short bangs. Sir Farquaad is shining! Someone called. When an artist in Brooklyn had the baby of Sir Farquad of Shrek, another user joked, alluding to the stereotypical style of a Brooklyn, New York woman. One more fan expressed that it seems to be a Lord farquaad on steroids in the truest sense.

Iron Claw centers on the Von Erich family, who struggled with icons in their 1960s heyday, but suffered numerous misfortunes. Zac Efron plays Kevin von Erich, a regular in his father Fritz’s World Class Championship wrestling promotions. The fighter is now 65 years old and was a one-time world champion who won the WCWA world heavyweight title. He got his stamp of approval for Zac Efron being cast to tell his story, despite having never met or spoke to a celebrity recently. “There’s a lot of hard work ahead, but looking at his photos, he looked perfect,” he told TMZ. I never looked so good. I believe he will do it perfectly. My daughters showed me a picture of him and he looked perfect. He really has to work really hard.

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