‘Mentally unstable’: Qatar Paris embassy guard ‘battered to death’

PARIS (AP) – Prosecutors have launched an investigation into the murder after the death of a security guard at the Qatari embassy in Paris and the arrest of a suspect on Monday, prosecutors said.

The circumstances of the killing, including the method used, were not immediately clear. Prosecutors said, “It has not been confirmed whether or not weapons are currently being used.”

According to French media reports, the guard was murdered outside the embassy in Paris’s luxurious 8th arrondissement around 7 a.m. and apparently beaten. Several French media reported that the suspect appeared to be mentally unstable.

Police declined to comment on the murder.

The terrorist motive was excluded as the special prosecutor’s office did not intervene in this case.

A French UMIP police officer poses outside the Qatar embassy in Paris after the death of a security guard on May 23, 2022. – A security guard working at the Qatar embassy in Paris was murdered by a man, investigative officials and Paris prosecutors told AFP. (Photo by Emmanuel DUNAND/AFP) (Photo by EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP via Getty Images)

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