Mercy’s super jump could become an official ability in ‘Overwatch 2’

One of the biggest complaints about overwatch 2 So far, supporters have not received the same level of attention as the tank and DPS cohorts. With only one tank per team and less protection from enemies due to reduced CC abilities, support for diving and flanking is ripe.

The developers have started taking some steps to address this issue by first upgrading Zenyatta’s melee attacks. His new Snap Kick delivers some sweet music to enemies, knocking them further with better range for a sphere attack or dropping them off a ledge for an environment kill.

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Now it looks like Mercy is waiting for an upgrade. For years, Mercy players have been able to utilize Valkyrie’s skills to make her fly into the air for a while without triggering Valkyrie. Super Jump has been an open secret for a long time, but it’s never been explained in-game and can be tricky to do. However, in the future, the Super Jump could be an official part of the Mercy kit.

“There are a lot of guides and videos out there for people who want to learn how, but ultimately it requires complex keystrokes and condition sequences that aren’t accessible or obvious to the average player,” says the developer. written in a blog post.

“Internally, we started testing improvements to Mercy’s verticality, leaning on the unintended consequences of player discovery. We want to go one step further by making the ‘Super Jump’ feature more consistent for everyone, not just players who know the (not) secret skill. Mercy’s mobility has always been a key part of her kit and we will continue to find ways to emphasize that and make it more accessible to everyone.”

It is worth noting that this has been discussed for at least several years. The ability to officially perform a super jump was brought up in a Q&A with the developer in July 2020, which lead hero designer Geoff Goodman referred to as a “reasonable request.”

It’s good to hear that it could be much easier for players to trigger super jumps soon, but I’m curious to see how the Mercy main will take the news, especially if the skill goes into a cooldown instead of making it a passive ability for example. However, giving Mercy more mobility (or at least an easier way to activate the super jump) will help her dodge submerging enemies and flanks.

However, when discussing the role of support in general overwatch 2, Developers say it’s important to ensure that support can survive and be effective without gaining more mobility. “We know that support players want to have a greater impact with additional tools and features. overwatch 2, As the beta continues, the role remains our highest coordination priority,” they wrote.

“Heroes like Lúcio and Moira demonstrate the effectiveness of mobility. Overwatch 2″ Read blog posts. “We see early indicators of a playstyle shift in which the support community’s playstyle favors mobility and either complete separation or a strong ability to face a flank striker one-on-one. We do that with the goal of having a variety of designs and abilities for support roles when making balancing decisions about and effectiveness isn’t just determined by a hero’s maneuverability potential.”

The blog post hinted at a few other changes, such as lowering Moira’s damage and healing to “match other support”.

Adjustments to Junkrat and Symmetra may also be made in the future. The developers note that while heroes have historically been very effective shield breakers, there aren’t many barriers they can break. overwatch 2, so they It feels a little bit out of the emerging meta.” Those two aren’t the focus of the changes right now, but at least they’re on Team 4’s radar.

Posts elsewhere have covered other things we’ve learned so far in beta. For starters, the team found that tanks and supporters die more often. overwatch 2 More than live games, this was especially the case with skilled tanks and support players with high SRs (i.e. diamonds and above) against DPS opponents.

Meanwhile, developers say queue times have improved significantly since the open queue mode was added last week. weekend. For both victim and support players, beta queue times are now faster than 6v6 live services without sacrificing fairness or quality measures of matches.”

Finally, there is one more balance patch for this. overwatch 2 beta. However, we will only have a few days to test the changes as this first beta will end on Tuesday, May 17th at 2:00 PM EST.


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