Meta shuts down Blessing CEO’s Instagram account

The self-proclaimed relationship master Blessing CEO’s Instagram account has been shut down by Meta, the parent company of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp social media platforms. The ‘Officialblessingceo’ account is dubbed Dali IVD after famous car dealer Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna lost her better half, Bimbo, to domestic violence, which was removed from her live Instagram session. The mother of two confirmed that the old account had been deleted while opening another account and asking fans to follow the new Instagram account. She lamented that Nigerians were dragging her away for telling her the truth. She mentioned her anguish over the deleted page and will use it to wrap up everyone who has vowed to reveal more about the IVD saga.

In any case, controversial blogger Gistlover used Instagram to refute everything Blessing CEO revealed to blame the late Bimbo for her death. Gistlover revealed that both Late Bimbo and IVD were drug addicts and were involved in several obscure things. According to News Kemi Filani, CEO Blessing revealed on Instagram that he was a relationship therapist at IVD and detailed that he had accepted the role of defending his innocence after police arrested him days after he had been hiding after his half had been burned and died. CEO Blessing, who is vocal about investigating it, shared receipts and evidence questioning the case in which IVD physically assaulted and killed his wife.

Blessing CEO’s Instagram account closed

Instagram is finally shutting down the Blessing CEO account for this. The Instagram account of CEO Blessing, a self-proclaimed relationship expert, has been shut down by Meta, the parent company of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. The ‘Officialblessingceo’ account was deleted during a live Instagram meeting by VIP car dealer Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna, also known as IVD, to prove her innocence over the death of his lover Bimbo in domestic violence. News Kemi Filani detailed that Blessing CEO revealed via Instagram that he was a relationship therapist for IVD and that he was given the role of defending himself after police arrested him days after his wife Bimbo had been hiding from burns and died. . CEO Blessing, who is speaking out and working, shares evidence and receipts that question the case in which IVD truly attacked and killed his loved one. She talked about how her deceased’s family is fighting for IVD’s fortune. As she points out, the late Bimbo’s family is chasing IVD’s fortune and life, especially her older sister, Mother Jazz.

She made up a family of late Bimbo who pursued the attributes and lives of IVD. Especially the older sister Mama Jazz. Bimbo and IVD are notable figures in Lagos, and there is no hidden fact that Bimbo is violent even at home. Everyone knows how she breaks her bottle in her own half head every day….bimbo took her own life and wanted to commit suicide almost forever since her childhood. Evidence loading. Mama Jazz The late Bimbo sister I have some questions…. Where was she talking before her sister passed away? Could it be said that she owes 18 million dollars to her deceased sister? Did she stop you before she died? Do you like your sister’s children too?? I answer this question because raw facts and evidence will ruin the internet. I’m getting into a situation as IVD’s official relationship therapist will give up any evidence that her IVD didn’t kill or even hurt her significant other. The late Bimbo was a violent individual and a victim of suicide attempts.

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