Miami, Boston, the series hotspots continue

through 4 games NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals Boston Celtics And Miami Heat It was a rollercoaster case.

It’s expected to be an even series of 6-7 games, but so far each game has been heavily biased towards one team.

The Heat won the first leg 118-107. The Celtics won the second leg 127-102. Heat won Game 3 109-103 (Miami lead 21 after the first quarter). The Celtics then won Game 4 102-82.

Now on to the fifth game. Anyone can predict how the next two or three games will play out, Shannon Sharpe tried to make sense of it all, sticking with the Boston pick for the simple fact that Jayson Tatum was the most consistent. players in the series.

“Everyone didn’t hit the ball well. The hits were 33% on the floor. The Celtics were under 40% on the floor. The Celts were under 3 to 24%.”

Sharpe has a point, especially with Miami’s Jimmy Butler.

In the first two games of the series, Butler averaged 35.0 points per game on 62.1% shooting. Since then, in Games 3 and 4, Butler is averaging 7 points on 29.4% shooting and is statistically off the cliff.

Nick Wright took that point home, discussing the hit-attack discrepancy as the main point of confusion, specifically Butler.

Despite Butler’s struggles, Miami won Game 3 primarily thanks to Bam Adebayo’s 31 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. But even that went up and down.

In Game 1, Adebayo averaged 10 points and 4 rebounds. In Game 2, he averaged 6 points and 9 rebounds. Then he exploded in game 3, posting 9 points and 6 boards in game 4.

“Will the real bad adebayo come forward?” Sharp said.

Despite the series’ tug-of-war nature, Chris Broussard said on Tuesday that he believes the Celtics are a better team. Ultimately, it will be the deciding factor in the Eastern Finals.

“The Celtics’ Game 4 win was about Boston’s victory. They had to win. If they lost the series, it would be almost over. We all know how hard it is to come back from a 3-1 loss. … Celtics. I think they are a better team.”

Who will represent the East in the NBA Finals?

Who will represent the East in the NBA Finals?

Chris Broussard shares his thoughts on the Eastern Conference Finals and whether he thinks Boston will run away from the series.

So far, the team that has won the Eastern Finals has a lead of more than 20 points at some point in each match. Miami’s biggest lead in Game 1 was 20 points. In Game 2, Boston had 34 points. The Heat led by 26 points in Game 3, most recently with Boston leading by 32 points on Monday night.

There were 22 games decided by 20 or more in this year’s NBA playoffs, the second most games in a single postseason in NBA history dating back to 1951. stratagem.

There is still time to break that record. Especially if you keep this record in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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