Michael Cera Net Worth (Updated 2022)

What is Michael Cera Net Worth?

name Michael Cera
Net Worth 2022 20 million dollars
job actor, musician
country USA
bear June 7, 1988
salary $125,000 per episode
last update 2022

Michael Cera Net Worth: Michael Cera is a Canadian actor, musician, producer, screenwriter and voice actor who has a net worth of $20 million. He started his career as a child actor on the show. “Berenstein Bears” described Barris in “Confession of a Dangerous Heart”.

He is also known for playing George Michael Blues in the TV series. “Arrested Development”. His notable roles in comedy films include Juno, Superbad, Youth in Revolt, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Scott Pilgrim vs. He has his own adaptations from World, and This Is End.

Sarah is also a musician who released her debut album ‘True That in 2014’ in 2014. He also toured as touring bassist for the indie rock band Mister Heavenly. Moreover, he reached number one in the rankings. 2008 Entertainment Weekly’s 30 Under 30 Actors List.

early life

Michael Cera was born on June 7, 1988, to Linda and Luigi Cera, who work for Xerox. Cera grew up in Brampton, Ontario. Cera has two brothers, Jordan and Molly.

Sarah became interested in acting after watching Ghostbusters repeatedly when she was 3 years old. got chickenpox He memorized the entire script and took improvisational classes in Second City.

Cera attended Conestoga Public Schools, Robert H. Lagerquist Senior Public Schools, and Heart Lake Secondary School until 9th ​​grade. She finished her 12th grade online after she started acting.

acting career

Cera’s career began like this: Tim Horton’s unpaid appearance after A.D. This led to the opportunity to participate in the Pillsbury advertisement. He was cast in a TV series. “I was a sixth-grade alien” In a TV movie like 1999 “Change the goal and What Katie did”.

In 2000, he made his screen debut in the movie ‘Frequency’. Since then, he has appeared in films such as Steal This Movie and Ultimate G’s: Zac’s Flying Dream.

He got the role of George Michael Bluth in the popular and award-winning TV sitcom “Arrested Development”. His role in Arrested Development is that he Blockbuster comedy ‘Superbad’. Cera vs Juno, Scott Pilgrim vs. He has appeared in several films since Superbad, including The World, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist Molly’s Game, Tyrel, Spivak, and Gloria Bell.

Michael Cera Net Worth and Salary

voice actor

After an acting career, Cera has appeared in a variety of characters in several films and TV series, including Braceface (2001-2004), The Berenstain Bears (2003-2004), Rolie Polie Olie (2003), Pecola (2003), and Children’s Hospital (2008-2016). voiced the , The Simpsons (2012) and The Shivering Truth (2018), as well as in films such as Sausage Party (2016), The Lego Batman Movie (2018) Cooking with Alfred (2018), and Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (2022). ) and cryptocurrencies (2021).


  • Earned $125,000 per episode. Arrested Development.
  • co-produced television series “Clark and Michael.”
  • first album released “It is true” year 2014.
  • Part of an R-rated movie “Sausage Party”.

producer and screenwriter

Cera has worked on screenplay projects as well as film and TV productions. In 2013, she acted and served as Executive Producer on Films. “Magic Magic”. That same year, he worked as a director, actor, and writer for Brazzaville Teen-Ager, Failure and Bitch.

He also worked as a producer and actor on seasons 4 and 5 of the TV series Arrested Development. In 2007, Cera worked as editor and producer for The Television series, as well as co-produced, acted, directed, and wrote the screenplay. “Clark and Michael.”

theater work

In 2012, Cera made her stage debut at the Sydney Opera House in a play by Kenneth Lonergan. “This is our youth”. He returned to Broadway in 2018 with another Kenneth Lonergan production. “Lobby Hero and Waverley Gallery”.

music career

Cera is also a musician who sings and plays guitar and bass. Cera said that she played the mandolin and she was the backup vocal of the Weezer song. “Wait a minute” On their 2010 album Hurley. He also played Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Scott Pilgrim vs. I sang backup vocals and played bass in all of World.

Sarah released her first full-length album. “It is true” 2014 via his official Bandcamp page. His album included 19 original songs, a performance of Roderick Falconer’s “Play It Again”, and two covers.

Cera was also featured in a song by Alden Penner. “plot,” As well as his EP released in 2015 and a European tour that included Cera as co-headliner and member of Penner’s support band.

source of income

  • deferred salary
  • voice salary
  • producer
  • Brand Guarantee
  • social media
  • real estate investment

personal life

Cera was very careful about her personal life. He was in an 18-month relationship with Aubrey Plaza in 2010. In 2022, Amy Schumer mistakenly revealed that Cera was the father of a six-month-old boy.


bought by Sarah $2.4 Million Brooklyn Townhouse Built in 1899, the four-story townhouse retains its original features, including wide plank floors, marble mantles and mahogany stair railings and balustrades. The upper triplex offers 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms as well as access to a beautiful courtyard via a terrace. There is also a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment on the garden floor.

Awards and nominations

Cera has received several awards and nominations for her career as an actress and musician. He won her Teen Choice Award for her role in her film Juno, and was nominated for an MTV Movie Awards and Critics’ Choice Movie Award.

He also received a Satellite Award, as well as awards from the Chicago Film Critics Association and the Austin Film Critics Association. most promising performers and Breakthrough Artist Award each. He has also been nominated twice, including a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Tony Award and a Bafta Rising Star Award.

Michael Cera net worth

As of 2022, Michael Cera’s net worth is estimated at $20 million. His voice provided most of his income from various TV shows and movies. Cera is said to have earned $125,000 per episode from the TV series. “Arrested Development” and his groundbreaking film “Super Bad” It made $169,871,719 at the box office. He started his career at a young age and was very successful.

He was also part of the R-rated film “Sausage Party,” which earned $140.7 million on a $19 million production budget, making it the highest-grossing adult animated film at the time.

His musical career was not as fruitful as his acting career. Cera also made a lot of money through her commercially successful and well-known TV shows and films. To date, he has appeared in nearly 30 films.

People also ask the FAQ.

How much is it Michael CeraWhat is the net worth of

Michael Cera’s net worth is currently $20 million.

how much money Michael Cera earn per month?

Michael Cera earns over $100,000 a month from movies and TV shows.

what is your salary Michael Cera?

Michael Cera’s annual salary is estimated at around $3 million.

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