Michigan’s top election official claims Trump demanded her execution

A senior Michigan election official said he demanded and “executed” Donald Trump for treason after he refused to overturn his 2020 defeat to Joe Biden.

State Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, said she heard the president’s remarks from a source familiar with the White House meeting he was talking about.

“It was surreal and sad,” Benson told NBC News.

“It certainly amplified the heightened anxiety, stress and uncertainty of the time. In many ways I still feel it, because it has shown that he and his supporters are bottomless in their willingness to bend over to overthrow or discredit. election”

Benson is fighting to maintain her position against Republican Kristina Karamo, who supported Trump’s lies and denounced the 2020 election as “manipulation and theft.”

Karamo, who said his opponent “must go to jail,” was backed by President Trump, who he said was “resistant to crime, including crimes of mass election fraud.”

President Trump’s spokesman Taylor Budowich denied that he had made any such threats.

“It’s a good thing that Secretary Benson deliberately lied throughout his interview with NBC News,” he said.

The 2022 elections will determine who will lead the elections in 24 states, with those who rejected the 2020 elections on their ballots in 14 states, including Michigan, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona.

These were all victorious battlefield states to help Biden defeat Trump on his way to the Oval Office.

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