Microsoft 365 can finally make Outlook really usable.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best e-mail services, especially if everyone, including everyone, uses e-mail for work.

However, the company, especially Google, continues to improve Gmail, Newly launched product roadmap For Microsoft 365, it shows that Outlook is set up to get a pretty neat upgrade.

After unveiling the recently leaked new look of the One Outlook client, it appears that Microsoft is moving towards a future where everything is perfectly harmonious.

All-new Outlook

Outlook has a single view of new look and feel, message reminders, calendar, to-dos, and email, among other changes. It’s still in the final stages, so check back later. But it looks pretty good.

And Microsoft doesn’t seem to stop there. According to the roadmap, Outlook will be more tightly integrated with other services from Microsoft starting around July 2022, which is a huge bonus for anyone subscribing to the suite of tools.

The company says “we’re adding quick ways for users to access To-Do, Organization Explorer, Yammer communities, and bookings directly from within Outlook.” “You can also customize this experience by pinning the Outlook and Microsoft 365 apps of your choice.”

This update will be rolled out worldwide, and given the July period, it looks like Microsoft is already in the development phase.

battle for the office

Microsoft’s suite of tools has become even more important as the pandemic has forced enterprises to do hybrid work, but the number of competitors has exploded.

Microsoft has grown tremendously with Teams. Pass Monthly active users in Q4 2021 were 270 million, up from 250 million in mid-2021.

However, Google has significantly increased the number of people and companies using its Workspace tools, thanks to the fact that Docs and many other tools are available for free.

Slack was also acquired by Salesforce in July of last year for $27.7 billion, and its usage soared.

The winner of the Remote Enterprise Tools race remains to be seen, but Microsoft is well positioned and further integrating Outlook into the ecosystem is just a plus.

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