Microsoft and VW are working together to bring augmented reality to cars, not cars.

Microsoft is working with Volkswagen Hololens 2’s new “Moving Platform” mode brings augmented reality to cars.

Neither company has given out exact details on how this will work, but there are indications of what to expect. For example, Microsoft said a “moving platform” could be used to educate drivers on how to deal with adverse road conditions.

This is not to train everyday drivers. Instead, like everything else, focus HoloLens 2 Orbitis a business and enterprise. This means that the platform can be used to train vehicle drivers, for example.

Enhance with 3D models

Looking at the prototype image, this mod works by placing 3D models inside and outside the car. Only visible when wearing HoloLens 2 mixed reality headgear. There is a map of the route virtually placed at the top of the dashboard, with arrows pointing where to go for navigation.

HoloLens 2 also displays a holographic pedestrian warning at crosswalks to remind you to watch out for people. It even tells you the temperature inside the car.

Microsoft tested a moving platform prototype by connecting one of its vehicles to a HoloLens to Volkswagen researchers. The Volkswagen team then worked with Microsoft to provide feedback on how to improve the HoloLens Moving Platform mode.

This update is based on: Microsoft’s Current Version of the Moving Platform, intended for use on ships at sea. Waves can interfere with the HoloLen 2, so the mod stabilizes the device’s view.

Microsoft doesn’t stop with cars and boats. Moving platform “… elevator, train, [and] Another moving environment.”

HoloLens recall

This new partnership with Volkswagen could be a way to breathe new life into the HoloLens project. I’ve been having a turbulent time lately.

The HoloLens 3 was canceled in early February 2022. The problem was that no one knew what the purpose of the headset was, so some HoloLens 3 team members jumped boat I work for Meta in the Metaverse project.

But with this mobile platform Volkswagen partnership, Microsoft is solidifying the purpose of the HoleLens 2 as a mixed reality tool for education and virtual information in an ever-increasing work environment scenario. One day I can’t help but hope that HoloLens headsets and moving platforms will be used in high school driver education classes as well.

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