Mila Kunis reveals how she got her ’70s show.

Mila Kunis confirmed she was 14 when she took on the iconic role of Jackie Burkhart in the series ‘That ’70s Show’.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Mila Kunis confesses that she lied about her age to appear on ’70s Show.

Mila Kunis recently commented on long-standing rumors about how she got her groundbreaking role on That ’70s Show with Vanity Fair.

Moreover, the 39-year-old woman shared that she lied about her age when she auditioned. She told her producer she was 18, but she was actually 14.

Kunis said, ‘Rumors are circulating that it may or may not be the age. I want to make it clear now that I lied. I did it.’

She also noted that the show’s co-creators Bonnie and Terry Turner knew their real age before filming began.

“But when I went to the place where there was a producer network call at the time… I had to write a contract to get a job, and I had to put an asterisk on my contract, saying ‘studio teacher’. “‘

‘They said, ‘What do you mean?'” she recalled. And I said, “Oh PS, I’m 14.” But then when you talk to the creators, they say, “We loved you back then, so what do we care?”

She continued, ‘It was the heyday of older children playing younger children. I was actually the age of the character.’

Mila Kunis talks about her experience on set when she was 14.

Mila Kunis said life on set wasn’t that difficult when she was 14.

‘I’ve never been treated lowly,’ she said. If I had one of the cast members doing that, the other cast would defend it.’

Kunis also said, “The reason I don’t do drugs is because there was no one on set. And I looked up to them when I was 14. The trajectory of my career could go either way, but… But the set was great.’

Meanwhile, Kunis is set to return to her role in Netflix’s sequel series ‘The 90s Show’. She will be paired up with her husband Ashton Kutcher on the upcoming show.


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