Mind Launches Mental Health Awareness Week Campaign

The mental health charity Mind has launched the first work of Langland, Publicis’ health communications agency. This campaign is about changing the way we talk about mental health.

Concurrent with Mental Health Awareness Week (May 9-15), the campaign aims to encourage people who are not currently involved with mental health campaigns to reach out and reach their hearts.

The campaign is led by two films featuring Jords and James Smith of the rock band Yard Act.

The two tell the story of Rohan and Mel, people who are connected with their hearts through spoken poetry.

From now until the end of May, the film will be available in London cinemas, adapted for social media, running on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

An out-of-home print and digital campaign will also be featured throughout London’s transport network.

MediaLab was also involved in the campaign.

Victoria Wright, CEO of Langland, said: Poetry allows you to share life experiences in a way that others can recognize and empathize with.

“We know from research that people are more likely to ask for support when they see themselves in these types of content. Our ultimate goal is to connect people with Mind to get the help they need.”

Jennifer Walters, Deputy Director of Communications at Mind, added: You may not have the same diagnosis as Rohan or Mel, but what they went through will resonate with you.

“The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to face these feelings alone. If you’re having a hard time or just aren’t feeling well, Mind is here.”

The new work follows quickly after Langland was appointed as Mind’s Strategic Creative Agency in March 2022.

Although there had never been an incumbent agency before, Mind previously ran the “Heroes” campaign with McCann Enterprise.

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