Minecraft x Burberry Collaboration: Check out Free DLC and Clothing Collection

The Minecraft x Burberry collaboration is sure to excite you all with new DLC, clothing collections and more. This unique collaboration has a lot of things everyone wants to try. So don’t miss the chance to enjoy this Minecraft x Burberry collaboration for everyone. So what can you get from the Minecraft x Burberry collab?

Read ahead to learn more about the Minecraft x Burberry collaboration. New free DLC, clothing collection and more.

All about the Minecraft x Burberry collaboration:

The new collection for Minecraft x Burberry is Burberry: Freedom To Go Beyond. This free DLC collection is all linked to the theme of nature. Where to see a different version of London.

Other features are also available here. The in-game specialty of the Minecraft x Burberry collaboration has prepared something new for this time. Just like the free DLC, this collaboration lets you try out some clothing collections and more.

What can I get from the Minecraft x Burberry collab?

The Minecraft x Burberry collaboration is to give you a real and in-game exclusive product to try this time. A place where you can have a realm inspired by the four elements. Explorers can try out 15 Burberry-inspired skins. This is the creative work of Minecraft partner Blockception. There’s also a collaboration between Minecraft and Burberry that brings you a full collection of capsules.

There are also Waterloo trench coats, logo print sweatshirts, hoodies and scarves. The bucket hat is another try. You can purchase it on the Burberry website. It is for both men and women.

The designs of these items include Minecraft themed landscapes, graphics, and more. More information can be found on the Burberry website.

What else is in the Minecraft x Burberry collection?

In addition to the Minecraft x Burberry collaboration, we are contributing to a noble cause through this partnership. Where Minecraft and Burberry donate $100,000 to Conservation International’s forest conservation and programs.

This will help protect about 500,000 trees, and more conservation work will plant at least 25,000 trees. So this special collaboration with virtual functions and tasks is also contributing to real causes.

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