Minute Maid provides thermal relief with delivery of Aguas Frescas waterslides.

Dive Briefs:

  • According to details shared with Marketing Dive, Minute Maid is celebrating the start of summer with a promotion for its new Aguas Frescas beverage line. The Coca-Cola brand is hosting a sweepstakes run through “First Unofficial Friday of Summer”, the Friday following Memorial Day, with huge waterslides delivered to the winners’ homes and mobile bartenders.
  • People who live in particularly hot cities like Atlanta, Austin and Los Angeles can get cans of Aguas Frescas delivered on demand, while consumers elsewhere in the US can get their drinks in the mail.
  • The new line’s “Refreshing AF” tagline and summer campaign play from the initials of Aguas Frescas and are cheekily linked to the phrase popularized online.

Dive Insights:

Minute Maid’s summer promo Aguas Frescas line, which debuted in March, has taken a deliberately provocative approach with the slogan “AF”. The move aims to grab the attention of Gen Z consumers who are definitely accustomed to shorthand expressions, and align Minute Maid’s sarcastic message with Minute Maid’s goals for the product following the announcement.

This isn’t the first time brands have taken a more direct approach to entice Gen Z consumers under the Coca-Cola banner. In March, Coca-Cola announced a multi-year contract to serve as a founding partner for Wild Rift Esports, the first mobile esports program from League of Legends developer Riot Games, which “Real Magic” It is an attempt to foster stronger cultural ties with enthusiastic groups such as gamers who belong to Global brand platform.

The Aguas Frescas sweepstakes will appeal to a wider audience beyond Gen Z and build excitement ahead of the sunny summer season. By offering waterslides and personal bartenders, Minute Maid tries to associate Aguas Frescas juice drinks with a cool, refreshing sensation as many areas warm.

In March, a new line of canned drinks launched in stores in hibiscus, mango and strawberry flavors. Aguas Frescas is Coca-Cola’s latest product innovation and is inspired by the beverage giant’s aspiration to “shake up” the juice category, which refers to the non-carbonated nature of the beverage. A month before Aguas Frescas’ debut, Coca-Cola introduced a “cosmic flavored” Starlight soda within a Creations initiative centered around the accompanying content experience to produce limited-edition experimental flavors and capitalize on changing consumer interest. .

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