Mo Brooks Returns to Alabama – 2022 Primary Live Update

Mo Brooks uses her own footage after mass shootings in campaign ads.

Today’s major primary elections in several US states will see prominent Republican candidates face off against each other and, in some cases, try to defeat Donald Trump-backed rivals.

In Georgia, incumbent Governor Brian Kemp looks set to cruise his way to victory, defeating his main challenger and former Trump-backed senator, former Senator David Perdue. Mike Pence has been campaigning for Kemp.

Meanwhile, the state’s GOP Senate primaries will almost certainly see the nomination of controversial former footballer Herschel Walker. Herschel Walker is a very popular grassroots figure who sometimes worries some Republicans because of his history of fickle behavior, business dealings and personal troubles. Also on the ballot is Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. His grassroots popularity and her massive campaign fundraising are expected to give her a clear path to her re-election.

And in Alabama, Congressman Mo Brooks looks set to return from the Republican Senate primary, despite losing Trump’s support earlier this year. At the time, he was under the polls and urged supporters to “move forward” from the 2020 presidential election, which drew contempt for President Trump.


Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp Could Rematch

Voting has closed in Georgia, meaning Stacey Abrams has officially been nominated as the Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia. She ran unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Abrams lost the election to incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, who is poised to win his primary election on Tuesday, 2018 after an election marred by accusations that Abrams’ campaign repressed voters in connection with the Georgia government’s voter roll purge. The month ahead of voting.

Now, it looks like she’s heading towards a rematch with Kemp after spending years building voter registration machines in the state.

john bowdenMay 25, 2022 00:45


Voting closes in Georgia

Voting in Georgia closes at 7pm EST. The state is home to several celebrities, including the governor’s contest and the Republican US Senate primary.

Former Trump-backed Senator David Perdue appears to be on the verge of defeat in an attempt to rebuke Governor Brian Kemp on behalf of the former president. And NFL veteran and Heisman winner Herschel Walker can take on a new trophy. The GOP candidate is the US Senate.

There’s also the District 14 primary where Marjorie Taylor Greene faces several Republican contenders.

john bowdenMay 25, 2022 00:29


Marjorie Taylor Greene responds to Uvalde shooting with outcry against gun control

Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a far-right conspiracy theorist who is seeking re-election in the Georgia primary on Tuesday, has joined the fight after news broke of a school shooting in Uvalde, voicing her opposition to new gun control efforts. He was one of the first to jump in. Texas.

“America is disappointing the youngest generation, who for decades have rejected good moral values ​​and teachings,” wrote a first-year member of the House of Representatives, who is seeking re-election in Tuesday’s Republican primary, in a tweet. “Gun control is no longer necessary,” he said. We must return to God.”

read more independent John Bowden:

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Marjorie Taylor Greene faces a major test.

Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who spreads a conspiracy to disqualify committee members for comments on violence against Democrats, is due to be nominated to the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

She faces an extensive reserve field in Georgia’s District 14, which has recently been realigned to include more left-leaning areas of the state in Cobb County.

It is difficult to predict as this region has one of the lowest turnout rates in the country. However, Greene has a decisive incumbent edge and has avoided getting the ire of the Georgia congressional delegation, a lesson her colleague, far-right Congressman Madison Cawthorn, failed to pay attention to in North Carolina.

john bowdenMay 24, 2022 22:42


Mo Brooks beaten by reporter in subpoena on January 6

Congressman Mo Brooks, who is surging in the polls and can win or run a run-off in Tuesday’s Alabama Senate primary, battled MSNBC reporters on Jan. 6 over participating in a committee poll.

In an interview with Network’s Vaughn Hillyard after the primary on Tuesday, Brooks denied that he had received a subpoena from the committee, accusing it of an effort to “influence the 2022 elections.”

john bowdenMay 24, 2022 22:08


ICYMI: Meet Herschel Walker with potential to face Raphael Warnock.

Herschel Walker, a three-time Heisman Trophy winner, was far from the usual route to running for the Republican Senate primary in Georgia on Tuesday.

But thanks to Donald Trump’s backing, he’ll advance regardless of the November general election.

Learn more about the man likely to become the GOP’s next US Senate nominee in Georgia.

john bowdenMay 24, 2022 19:50


ICYMI: Georgia is a test for Donald Trump and he could fail

Georgia’s primary election means a double test for Donald Trump. Meanwhile, he hopes his favorite US Senate candidate, Herschel Walker, will win the November primary to decide who will challenge Rafael Warnock.

On the other hand, he is also hoping for David Perdue’s victory in the governor’s election. The outcome became increasingly slimy as the polls pushed Trump’s backing nominee to incumbent Governor Brian Kemp.

As a result, Tuesday could be the first major event in which Donald Trump failed to oust a state-level Republican official who broke with him during an effort to overturn the 2020 election.

john bowdenMay 24, 2022 18:36


Analysis: Democrats Marching in Public in Texas, Georgia and Beyond

Although the Republican primary elections in Alabama and Georgia are receiving the most attention today, Eric Garcia What is happening on the Democrat side is also worth noting. Incumbents are looking for a chance to represent the re-elected constituency, and the boiling anger over not passing Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill is openly spreading.

Read his full analysis below.

Andrew NaughtyMay 24, 2022 16:50


Herschel Walker says he’s never heard Trump say the elections were stolen.

Herschel Walker looks set to be the Republican nominee to face Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock in November, but many Republicans are concerned about his habit of publicly making odd remarks that confuse his own and his party’s campaign stories.

Among them is this re-emerging clip in which Walker claims he never heard of Donald Trump having the 2020 presidential election stolen.

Andrew NaughtyMay 24, 2022 16:21


Trump Offers Perdue Last-minute Boost

As the Georgia primary turns out to be high, Donald Trump sent an email reiterating his support for David Purdue, who he expects to lose heavily in his challenge to incumbent Brian Kemp.

The following is a message from former President Lee.

David Perdue is a conservative fighter not afraid of the radical left and is Georgia’s only candidate to beat Stacey “The Hoax” Abrams in November. Brian Kemp failed in Georgia. He succumbed to Stacey Abrams before the 2020 election and allowed for massive election fraud. It was a monumental mistake for Stacey Abrams to sign her supportive consent decree, foolishly giving her and her Democrats everything they wanted, not only for Georgia, but for our nation as well!

Kemp was a very weak governor. Liberals and RINO overtook him for things like electoral integrity. Most importantly, he can’t win because the huge MAGA base never votes for him. We need strong leaders to fight and the time is running out! David Perdue eliminates income taxes, guarantees elections, defends the Second Amendment, supports our great farmers, stops crime in Atlanta and other places under our control, looks after our great veterinarians, and parents I will send them back to school.

David Perdue and Herschel Walker (who I already strongly supported) will be an unstoppable team in Georgia. Trump supporters will vote a lot for these great leaders. David Perdue has my full and complete endorsement. He won’t let you down!

Andrew NaughtyMay 24, 2022 15:30

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