Mohamed Salah invited Moamen Zakaria to Liverpool’s FA Cup party in a touching scene.

Mohammed Salah Former Egyptian national team member Moamen Zakaria invited Liverpool The dressing room after beating Chelsea in the FA Cup on Saturday. Check out the video below.

egypt outlet pilgol Confirmed Zakaria is a special guest after match for Salah’s.

If you don’t know Zakaria’s story, this is a heartbreaking story. He was once considered one of Egypt’s best talents and has won three Premier League titles in his home country.

The 34-year-old has also played 12 matches for the national team. His last professional game participation was in 2018 and tragically in 2020 he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

ALS is a degenerative neurological disease that affects the brain and tragically there is no cure.

It ended Zakaria’s career and hasn’t played professionally since 2018. He also appears to need a wheelchair.

That didn’t stop the Liverpool players from partying with Zakaria. Zacharia was able to claim the trophy when Salah filmed everything. A touch of class for everyone involved.

Image Credit: Alamy

Salah started attacking in the final but didn’t participate much in the game and was replaced by Diogo Jota after 30 minutes.

Many wondered if the 29-year-old might have questioned him in the Champions League final against Real Madrid later this month.

Klopp provided an update for Virgil van Dijk who replaced Joel Matip at the start of overtime with Salah.

“Moga came and he said he could go on, but I felt a little bit,” Klopp told ITV. “I hope he’s okay.”

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

Regarding Van Dyke, he said he had small problems, but hoped he would do a ‘decent’ role in the rest of the Premier League matches and that huge final in Paris.

Van Dijk himself explained: “Hopefully, we’ll see that. I felt it when sprinting in the first half, I felt a tingling in the back of my knee, and I kept playing. In the end, I can’t take the risk. For the team and I have to trust Joel. I hope you’ll be fine.”


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