mold! Producer Stephen P. Neary shares his disappointment that HBO Max canceled the show.

Stephen P. Neary, founder of Fungies! HBO Max criticized for canceling the animated series.

Here’s everything you need to know.

mold! Producer Stephen P. Neary Slam HBO Max

Stephen P. Neary tweeted on Thursday a series of comments criticizing HBO Max for bringing the cartoon series.

In the first tweet, he said, ‘I found out last night in a figure drawing class that it was ‘Fungies!’ Picked up on HBO Max this week. It hurts my heart, but I want to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing artists and crew who have worked so hard to make the dream of this serious and frenetic show come true.’

Neary shared the process he went through to make the show.

In a tweet he tweeted, “Worked hard through the pandemic and hoped the network’s support would reward your hard work. The show promised to air on Cartoon Network that would increase views on HBO Max, but it was announced shortly after it aired. It was interrupted from the broadcast without it.’

Then the animator said, ‘There was little publicity. I was asked to appear on the mushroom podcast, but a company official monitored the recording and made sure not to broadcast ‘spoilers’.’

Neary recently claimed that ‘better known programs’ were being removed from streaming services. He said this proves to be ‘a decision based on money, without information’.

In a tweet, Neary said, “It hurts my heart to see other shows that have been affected by other shows, and beautiful works are canceled before they even air. Let’s keep making things! even if it’s for me It’s something I’ve always been doing since I was very young. thank you.’

The series is one of 30 titles scheduled to be removed from HBO Max’s library.

Learn more about Fungies!

mold! The first season premiered on HBO Max in August 2020. They released two more seasons before finishing the series with a third season in December 2021.

The show is set in the mythical prehistoric metropolis of Fungietown. This place is sometimes inhabited by strange fungal-shaped inhabitants with dinosaur characteristics.

Seth, whose love of science eventually puts him in trouble, follows the adventures of a young mushroom.

The voice cast includes Sam Richardson, Jennifer Coolidge, Terry Gross and Stephen P. Neary.



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