Monica Denise Reveals Kodak Black Dating Rumors

A few days after Monica Denise celebrated her birthday by dating Kodak Black, the R&B legend is breaking the gossip about the burgeoning romance between the two. Monica Denise hid misinformation about her and Kodak Black on her Twitter on Thursday. Bill and Shimmy My Heart were composed while alluding to Kodak Black’s real name, Bill Kapri. They know they can trust me no matter what and never have to make me unsure!! Only one of all odd relationships has anything to do with ruin or dating! I hang out with their mothers from their age! lol. I will love and encourage them forever! They don’t joke about me. In a tweet that followed, she said that because life is so short, she also lacks the ability to focus on stupidity.

Recently, 42-year-old Monica Denise sparked rumors of a romance with Kodak Black, 25, after sharing photos of the two on a date. In one of her photos, Monica was seen riding a Maybach. On a somewhat disturbing date, she closes the post with a winking emoji. While her fans started guessing who Monica Dennis was with, her vocalist posted a selfie of her and Kodak Black, revealing the identity of her enigmatic man. In the photo, Monica was holding a Birkin bag and felt as if she was receiving a birthday present from a Florida rapper. She left a photo with the caption, ‘She is THANK YOUUUUU @kodakblack’.

Monica Denise responds to growing rumors about her and Kodak Black’s growing romance.

Monica Denise is clearing up rumors that she and Kodak Black are dating. Social media speculated that R&B vocalist Monica may be dating rapper Kodak Black. Monica recently celebrated her own birthday and showed off her gift from her Kodak to her. She added a winking emoji and posted a photo of herself on an adventure to Maybach, with the caption, “Dating a little nervous.” She then shared a selfie with her and Kodak, showing off a lot of cash with her blue Birkin. Thanks Kodak replied, “I love all of you…and I love you and I love the women who are truly present in your life!” I ask if they were offended by this stupidity!

I’m always here…assuming it’s within my reach @loeshimmy got it to the death. My Z Baby! No, put down the black!!! Monica Denise started her Twitter to clean up dating speculation. She explains Bill and Shimmy My Heart in her tweet. They know they can entrust me with anything and there is no need to doubt me!! Only one of all odd relationships has anything to do with ruin or dating! I hang out with their mothers from their age! lol. I will forever love to help and encourage them! They don’t joke about me. Monica Denise may be single and ready to date, but she wants her fans to know that she isn’t dating Kodak and that Kodak Black isn’t her vice.

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