Monster Racing League: Fun Play to Earn Game Ecosystem Priority

Monster Racing League is a multiplayer play to earn game that combines skill and strategy. The monsters in the game drive themselves during the race, while the player can unleash offensive and defensive abilities to disrupt the opponent and gain the upper hand in the game.

Rather than repeating a fun traditional game system, the platform aims to create fun games that incorporate blockchain technology. Monster Racing League values ​​skill and strategy, giving users of all levels, including beginners, a chance to beat whatever monster they have.

Players of the game will be rewarded for their performance in the race and will have full ownership of monsters, tracks, vehicles and other items that can be traded on the Monster Racing League Marketplace and third-party marketplaces.

Integrate P2E into the mix

Here are a few ways players in the Monster Racing League can get:

  • Participation in special events and tournaments
  • Rent/Royalty Collection for Track Ownership
  • good performance in racing
  • Breeding, renting and selling monsters in the market
  • Trade abilities, cosmetics, tracks and monsters in the market

The platform’s P2E mode works as an on-demand ranked tournament with 3 races of 6 players, with the top 3 players getting big rewards and the rest getting a smaller share for their participation. These P2E rewards are limited by a finite resource called FUEL, which is replenished periodically.

Dual Token Model Deployment

The Monster Racing League platform has two ERC-20 tokens powered by the Polygon network called Phat Loot Token or PLT and Knucklebones Token or KBT. Together, the tokens provide in-game utility and direct play and earn rewards.

KBT is an inflation token on the platform that is issued through gameplay whenever there is a 3-race tournament. This is mainly used for in-game mechanics like breeding and buying booster packs. The tokens have no IDO or pre-sale and will be closely monitored and coordinated by the platform’s economics team.

Phat Loot Token PLT

PLT is Phat Loot’s governance token and there are many use cases in the Phat Loot gaming ecosystem along with other SaaS services. Tokens can be earned by players by winning major tournaments, participating in special events, and participating in other marketing initiatives.

tribe and breed

MRL Grand Chieftan Monument

There are 4 main tribes in the game: Mountain tribe, Sky tribe, Fire tribe and River tribe. Each tribe has its own unique characteristics and abilities.

  • Sky Tribe: The Sky Tribe are known for their ability to manipulate the weather. They will have abilities like Smoke, Slipstream Tornado, and Lightning Strike.
  • Mountain Tribe: This tribe is known for their impenetrable strength and their love of goats. Some of the mountain tribes’ special abilities in development include dust clouds, avalanches, earthquakes, and 4WD.
  • River Tribe: This nomadic tribe loves speed and lots of fish. They will have special abilities like Ice Spikes, Tsunami, Mist or EMP.
  • Lack of Fire: A fiercely competitive tribe known for its destruction and appetite for barbecue sauce. Fire abilities in development include Asteroid Shower, Heat Shield, and Fire Boost.

Breeding monsters allows players to combine the NFTs of both monsters and create offspring that inherit visual and performance characteristics from their parents. This process is monitored by the platform’s proprietary genetic breeding system and KBT must be completed initially. The platform will be releasing this interactive and fun feature soon.

last word

Rather than building a long-term sustainable system that works around an economic mechanism that pays off, the Monster Racing League focuses on designing rich strategic gameplay with a steady stream of new content that makes the game more enjoyable.

The platform also has a marketplace where players can buy and sell NFTs, game-based tokens and services. We also offer rental services where owners can rent their NFTs to other players for passive income.

The Monster Racing League was jointly developed by Flightless, Phat Loot Studios and Phat Loot DeFi. Flightless is an award-winning game development company known for their RTS game Element and Apple Arcade title Doomsday Vault.

Phat Loot Studio is the development team behind the adventure game Untamed Isles. The Phat Loot DeFi team is a pioneer in the Play-to-earn and DeFi space and is behind the Guppy Gang NFT collection.

For more information about the Monster Racing League, see official website, TwitterAnd Dissension.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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