‘Morally weak’: why critics fear UN investigation could whitewash China’s genocide

  • The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, will visit Xinjiang this month to investigate allegations of human rights violations.
  • “China will manipulate the entire trip to show the UN delegation,” Uyghur activist Dr. Mamtimin Allah told the Daily Kohler News Foundation.
  • “[The Chinese] I was using reporters and visitors like me.,” Albanian journalist Dr. Olsi Jazexhi told TheDCNF about a 2019 state-sponsored trip to Xinjiang.

Experts say the upcoming UN investigation into China’s human rights violations in Xinjiang will not uncover any misconduct as China plans to cover up its crimes and lead the UN team on a script tour, experts said.

Michelle BacheleUN High Commissioner for Human Rights, presentation In March, China agreed to allow visits by UN delegations. height At some point at the end of the month. Bachelet’s announcement comes a few years after they first announced 2018. Intent to visit the next area report Uyghurs and other minorities pain human rights violations.

But experts tell TheDCNF that a visit to the United Nations will help glorify the genocide, and expect China to show only the delegation’s performance venues, with some advocates claiming that Bachelet is too “morally weak” to pressure the investigation. I did.

“China will manipulate the whole trip to show what the UN delegation wants to show,” he said. Dr. Mamtimin AllahA strategic adviser to the East Turkestan government in exile told TheDCNF.

China has been criticized several times. dramatization An event in Xinjiang for foreign consumption. that much Australian Broadcasting Corporation China accused China of organizing a tour of a ‘vocational center’ for foreign media in 2019. radio free america China accused Xinjiang of hosting Ramadan events in May 2021 to demonstrate religious tolerance.

“China has almost completed the major phase of the Uyghur genocide.” Gulam Yagma, the president of the East Turkestan government in exile told TheDCNF. “The places to visit are already beautifully set up to hide reality. China may have already trained some Uyghurs to speak to delegations. They must speak with this script, or they must die at the end of their journey.”

Critics are also speculating that China forced Uyghur skier Dinigeer Yillamujiang to be one of two athletes to light the Olympic torch during the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Olympics. In recent years radio free asia It has accused China of hiring bloggers to create videos for Western social media that glorify Chinese genocide.

Andrew BrembergThe former US ambassador to the United Nations told TheDCNF he was concerned that Bachelet would join China on a script tour.

“Michelle Bachele in any way [Chinese Communist Party]. I think she’s her morally weak politician,” Bremberg said.

Bremberg met frequently with Bachelet during his tenure as ambassador to TheDCNF, pushing Bachelet to “do more in the kidneys”.

“When I met her personally, she didn’t express her concern for human rights in Xinjiang,” Bremberg said. “She seemed not to press the Chinese on this issue and to see it as a headache to manage.” (Related: Here’s the Navy’s response to China’s simulated invasion of Taiwan.)

Michelle Bachelet of the United Nations is expected to visit Xinjiang in May. (REUTERS/ Dennis Balibows)

Dr. Olsi JajessiAn Albanian journalist told TheDCNF that China had invited him on a similar trip to Xinjiang in 2019. Currently, Jazexhi is International Islamic University MalaysiaHe agreed to travel to TheDCNF “to expose Western lies about the treatment of Chinese and Muslim Uyghurs”.

“The stories we heard about the Uyghurs in the West were questionable,” said Jazexhi. “Unfortunately, I have learned that Uyghur Muslims and other Turkic peoples are being discriminated against in Xinjiang. [against] And my initial assumption was wrong. [The Chinese] They used journalists and visitors like me to convince the world that China is fighting Islamic terrorism.”

“My advice to UN members visiting Xinjiang is to go with Islamic experts who understand what Islam is and how to practice it. This will help you understand that China is completely banning Islam and Turkic culture in Xinjiang,” said Jazexhi.

Bachelet’s office did not respond to DCNF’s request for comment. (Related: Has China Signaled It’s on the Verge of War?)

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