Mother arrested with 6-year-old son found dead in car trunk in Minneapolis suburb

In CBS, Minnesota, a Minnesota mother has been charged with the death of her six-year-old son after police found a body in the trunk of her car. report. 28-year-old Julissa Thaler has been charged with second degree murder. CBS Minnesota.

Orono police stopped the car on Friday morning after the person who answered the call reported a broken rear windshield and blown tires. In the criminal complaint, officers said they saw blood on Thaler’s hands, a shotgun shell and bullet holes in the back seat. CBS Minnesota. Orono Police Chief Correy Farniok said when officers stopped the woman from driving, blood in the car led them to a body in the trunk.

Police have not released the names of the victims or the two arrested since then, but several families have identified the boy in the trunk as Ellie Hart. Hennepin County’s online prison list shows Hart’s biological mother, Thaler, was arrested on Saturday morning by Orono police for murder.

According to CBS Minnesota, Thaler was released from the scene before officers found the body. When her cops went to her apartment to arrest her she found her clothes in her washing machine and Thaler tried to leave on her foot. Police officers also found evidence of a shooting at a gas station where Thaler’s car was seen, according to CBS Minnesota. When they searched the station, officers found traces of the shooting, including blood and backpacks.

A bloodstained child booster seat with “continuous damage consistent with a shotgun explosion” was also found by police, according to CBS Minnesota.

Dakota County court documents revolve around the last two years of Hart’s life, centered on an ongoing custody dispute between Thaler and his biological father, Tory Hart. As of January 2021, records show Eli Hart was placed in his family foster care after growing concerns about his mother’s mental health.

“We’re just broadening our minds to accept him as our child,” said Nikita Kronberg, a family member who’s been bringing Hart for nearly a year. “He was an amazing kid. He was energetic and always smiling. He was an extrovert. He always wanted to be friends with everyone.”

Kronberg’s husband, Stephen, is Thaler’s cousin. She said she was concerned that Thaler would once again regain full custody after the Child Protective Services investigation was over.

“I was afraid I’d hurt Ellie if she regained custody,” Kronberg said on Sunday. “I immediately replied that this was a dangerous situation for Ellie. You know, I’m concerned about his safety when Ellie returns to her. Of the many things I mentioned, many relate to what I have noticed.”

Dakota County court documents reveal concerns about Thaler’s mental health, life circumstances, and criminal record. The case was closed and she was given sole custody two weeks before her arrest.

“It felt like I had failed (Ellie) back then,” said Kronberg, who has two children. “I keep looking at his pictures and I don’t think this is real. He’s playing somewhere, having fun. It can’t be a reality.”

Kronberg says her biggest question is why.

“You want to blame one person.” She said. “There are people who will get angry because they want to put the blame on one person. But that’s the whole team.”

In an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Kronberg told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the Dakota County social worker “failed this kid out badly.” The social worker in charge of the case did not immediately respond to the newspaper’s message.


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