MrBeast has joined ToTouchAnEmu for the viral minions TikTok collaboration.

You may have seen tons of collaborations on TikTok, but certainly most people have never seen MrBeast team up with ToTouchAnEmu on the minion virus TikTok. Yes, minions are a new obsession with TikTok. Not only regular TikTokkers, but also star TikTokkers are obsessed with the minion trend.

Read ahead to learn more about MrBeast’s collaboration with ToTouchAnEmu on the minion trend.

TikTok finds an obsession with the minion trend.

If you are constantly looking for new trends on TikTok. If so, you probably already know how the minion trend has driven everyone crazy. Well, that credit goes to the movie Rise of Gru, which started a crazy trend.

In this viral minions trend, you’ll see most of the teens heading to the theater in suits with ties. Still, they shake hands and act like minions. Regardless, the trend is going viral everywhere.

MrBeast and ToTouchAnEmu collaborate on the minion trend.

Trends like the minions trend were very clear making the star Tiktoker try it too. So I found out that recently popular YouTuber MrBeast also collaborated on the same minion trend. Another star Tiktoker joining this trend was ToTouchAnEmu.

You can see them collaborating on MrBeast and ToTouchAnEmu’s viral TikTok trend. While MrBeast stops the music to make an inflatable giant minion in the video. Because some of his friends join the minion suit. MrBeast’s video with ToTouchAnEmu has garnered over 2.4 million views so far.

User reactions to the collaboration between MrBeast and ToTouchAnEmu

Undoubtedly, the trend of minions on TikTok already has a million fans. Also when star Tiktokers or YouTubers join the trend. It adds to the enjoyment of watching for TikTok users. So even the collaboration between MrBeast and ToTouchAnEmu has been liked by TikTok users.

Some even commented on a video of MrBeast and his new partner about the minion trend. As they wrote, “He did it.” It is also evaluated as the most unexpected collaboration this year. Obviously, users love MrBeast’s trend a lot.

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