MrBeast Starts Music Career: Who does MrBeast collaborate with?

As famous YouTuber MrBeast recently announced that he would start his music career as a collaboration, he seems to have another talent to show his fans. Yes, MrBeast will also sing, and perhaps his first musical break will be with some collaboration. Well, that’s really good news for all his fans. But when does that happen?

Read ahead to learn more about how MrBeast started their music career collaboratively.

MrBeast begins his music career

We all know how popular MrBeast has been over the years. While doing SNS such as TikTok. His recent TikTok video was special to his fans. Because he knew what YouTuber was preparing for all his fans. However, he recently revealed his plans for the future in his short TikTok video.

The most surprising of all is that MrBeast is starting his music career. Yes, as shared in a 5 second long video on TikTok. He also mentioned one more thing about the collaboration. So, it’s likely that MrBeast’s first musical break will also be a collaboration.

Fans React to MrBeast’s Career Start

After MrBeast announced that he was starting his music career. His fans wanted to know when that would happen. Meanwhile, he asked whom he had collaborated with. Fans are thinking with whom his collab took place.

Although the YouTuber himself did not mention anything about it. But fans think it might be BTS. Just like it was in MrBeast’s TikTok video tag. However, some fans responded that the tag of BTS in his video could be ‘behind the scenes’. Whatever it is, fans are excited to welcome him as a musical artist now.

MrBeast became the second YouTuber to reach 100 million subscribers.

Many YouTubers are working hard to be listed in the 100 million club. First YouTuber to get 100 million subscribers with PewDiePie. His YouTube channel has 111 million subscribers.

But now there’s one more in that club with PewDiePie. Yes, MrBeast recently became the second YouTuber to join the 100 million subscribers club. Because he recently reached 100 million subscribers.

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