MrBeast’s net worth makes him the second YouTuber to reach 100 million subscribers.

YouTube, along with MrBeast, added PewDiePie to their list, adding another content creator to 100 million subscribers. Over the years we have had many youtubers popular. Some of them have already reached 100 million clubs. Some will be joining the club soon. However, recently MrBeast shared a 100 million club with PewDiePie.

Read ahead to learn more about how MrBeast can reach 100 million subscribers and join PewDiePie.

MrBeast joins 100 million subscribers club

Over time, YouTube has provided a platform for content creation to many users. Among them were game creators and many other categories of creators. Some of them even got huge support from Youtuber users. This is because some YouTubers have already surpassed 100 million subscribers.

Recently, popular YouTuber MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) also entered the 100 million subscriber club. MrBeast is a popular content creator who can often be seen collaborating with other YouTubers and celebrities. Thanks to this, we have now surpassed 100 million subscribers with the enthusiastic support of our fans.

MrBeast is the second YouTuber to join the 100 million gang.

Content creators are on the rise on YouTube. We’ve had an increasingly fierce competition between them. However, some content creators seem to be unmatched in the number of fan followers. As before, PewDiePie has reached 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

As of today, PewDiePie is on the top list with 111 million subscribers. Now MrBeast also joined the gang. Currently, his YouTube channel has 100 million subscribers. This made him the second YouTuber to join the 100 million club.

Mr. Beast’s reaction to become the second YouTuber to exceed 100 million subscribers

MrBeast, who is gaining popularity on YouTube with giveaways and other surprises, has recently reacted to reaching 100 million subscribers. Sharing the joy of being the second most popular YouTuber, he said it meant a lot to him. He said he has been making videos on YouTube since he was 11 years old.

He also announced that he would be on YouTube until the last day of his life. Meanwhile, his fans congratulated him through social media such as YouTube.

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