Naughty Modine is attacked by Logan Paul’s security team and hospitalized

The famous prankster MoDeen had an accident after a King Sejong Institute fight when Logan Paul’s security team attacked the prankster and seriously injured him. It was a time of many boxing fights in London recently. However, separate from what was happening inside the boxing arena, something happened outside and Modine was injured. But what exactly happened to MoDeen?

Read ahead to learn more about naughty MoDeen being injured by Logan Paul’s security team after a KSI match.

King Sejong Institute match and event highlights

The boxing ring has struggled to witness a good fight for a long time. Fortunately, this happened last Saturday when King Sejong Institute held two big matches. One comes with Swarmz and the other comes with Pineda.

So, people flocked to the London O2 Arena to watch the game. Not only fans, but also famous boxing stars such as Logan Paul attend the event to watch the match taking place at London’s O2 Arena. But that was all that happened on the inside. Outside of the stadium, there was an incident that went viral on social media.

Logan Paul’s security team hospitalizes MoDeen.

It was after the King Sejong Institute boxing match in London last week that the naughty Modine got into trouble. We post the match of King Sejong Institute at O2 Arena in London. On social media, there were many videos of MoDeen screaming and harassing Logan Paul around his bus and his team. One of the videos shows MoDeen asking Logan to jump off the bus.

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But it didn’t work out for him as his security team Paul chased after MoDeen. After a while he deployed police around him. Not only that, in this case he suffered serious injuries leaving behind two broken bones. As a result of the incident, he was taken to the hospital immediately.

Modine’s reaction to injury

Obviously, chasing and yelling around Logan Paul didn’t suit MoDeen well. Because he was left in the hospital after being injured and had to pay for it. After the incident, Modine reported that he had broken two bones.

He said he plans to walk on crutches for about two months. Modine asked his fans to bless and pray for him to recover quickly.

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