NBA: Lakers’ Russell Westbrook reacts to trade rumors


Russell Westbrook had a slow start to the Los Angeles Lakers and it didn’t take long for him to be the subject of trade rumors. Check out what he has to say about his future in the NBA here.

Russell Westbrook reacted to trade rumors surrounding him after a slow start with the LA Lakers.
© Thearon W. Henderson/Getty ImagesRussell Westbrook reacted to trade rumors surrounding him after a slow start with the LA Lakers.

that much Los Angeles Lakers I was pretty optimistic when I took over last summer. Russell Westbrook From Washington Wizards In blockbuster trading. but after a while They began to wonder if they had made the right decision.

Westbrook hasn’t lived up to expectations so far. He is struggling practically in every aspect of the game, Fans quickly lost patience with him – The same goes for the front office.

After just a few months of living in California, Brody got involved in a variety of activities. NBA trade rumors. But Westbrook Doesn’t seem to care about outside noise It definitely sounded loud because he’s one of the hottest teams on the planet.

Lakers News: Russell Westbrook has shut down rumors about his future.

“I never worry” Westbrook according to Sam Amick the athletic. “Do work. Become an expert. Every year my name is traded (rumor). It never, never, never permeates the way I approach what I do.. That’s the kind I mentioned there (at the press conference). I know that the way this game uses to affect things is very different.

It doesn’t change my mindset or purpose if (transaction) happened or not, even if it didn’t happen.. I seem to have a bigger purpose than basketball, and whatever happens in professional sports, that is always my top priority.”

This isn’t the first time Westbrook has dismissed outside comments. He doesn’t seem to care much about what’s being said about him. Or at least what he publicly suggests.

But Brody is the Lakers expect more from him. Westbrook have been on a bad run, scoring less than 10 points in each of their last three games and not shooting 20% ​​of the time in that period. Will he prove the suspects wrong and turn things around?

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