NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers, Jerami Grant, Ben Simmons and More

There is always something going on. NBA. That is LeBron James or Stephen Curry break the record Ben Simmons endure Kyrie Irving saying something. Sometimes, it is difficult to keep all that information.

that much trade close There’s only one month left, which means we’re on the verge of witnessing many old faces in new locations. But, as is usually the case, it’s hard to predict who’s going where.

Fortunately. We scoured the web back and forth to catch the hottest and up-to-date articles from the association. So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy while we guide you. The biggest trade rumors today, Via Jake Fischer of the Bleacher Report

NBA Trade Rumors: The League’s Hottest News

Lakers want a trade with Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard – Getty Images

that much Los Angeles Lakers There aren’t many things of value on the current trade market. They desperately crave to score, and their veteran and Russell Westbrook failed to deliver that punch. Anthony Davis from the side. This means that someone, most likely Dwight Howard, is leaving the door.

“The Lakers have little trade flexibility, but that hasn’t stopped Los Angeles from exploring a variety of potential deals.” Fisher wrote. “In Rob Pelinka’s front office, Talon Horton-Tucker and Kendrick Nunn are the only non-minimal players with real deal value, and that combination won’t be enough to sign Grant or Turner. However, the Lakers have called rival teams to evaluate the trade value of DeAndre Jordan, Dwight Howard and Kent Baysmore, sources said.

The Pacers are asking for multiple first-round picks from Miles Turner.

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Miles Turner – Dwight Howard

that much Indiana Pacers Still adamant about rebuilding, Miles Turner, Charis Lebert, Domantas Sabonis You can catch them all. Still, it doesn’t look like they’re going to let go of their assets, especially Turner, easily.

“Miles Turner appears to be an Indiana player likely to be traded before the deadline, with a list of suitors including Dallas, Minnesota, New York, Sacramento, Charlotte and Portland.” says Fisher. “Toronto has also been mentioned by several league staff as a team to watch for Turner’s service. Pacers’ asking price is known to include several first-round picks.

Celtics chase Jalen Smith

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Jalen Smith – Getty Images

that much Boston Celtics It struggled to keep its competitors away from the paint, and the lack of size left no chance for glass. Robert Williams III It was a solid rim protector, but it lacked depth in the center. Now they seem to be targeting. Jalen Smith of the Phoenix Suns as their main priority.

“Phoenix Suns big man Jalan Smith has been a Boston trade target recently, according to league sources. There is widespread belief that the Celtics will be very active in strengthening their roster in the coming weeks, with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown being the focus.” Fischer reported.

Ben Simmons’ Saga Won’t End Soon

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Ben Simmons – Getty Images

Ben Simmons Instead of getting paid, you will be deprived of your pay. Philadelphia 76ers. daryl mory The Sixers will withhold their salaries unless they get a superstar in return. We don’t plan to meet halfway, so this saga could continue beyond this season.

“Philadelphia Mayor Simmons remains stagnant” Fisher explains. “And for a team that hopes Lillard’s operation will impact the Sixers’ trade strategy, Philadelphia officials retain key stakeholders.From Ownership and Morey’s front office to Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid, someone equal to Lillard, James Harden, Bradley Beal or Jaylen Brown awaits to be offered before this deadline or later this summer. “

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