NBA YoungBoy’s mom, Sherhonda Gaulden, went viral after showing off her rapping skills.

The new viral song from NBA YoungBoy’s mom Sherhonda Gaulden is just as good as the NBA YoungBoy song. Known for having many children with his baby mama, the rapper has a large family. It wasn’t until his mother dropped her latest track that people realized how talented she was as a rapper. Aside from her musical skills, the NBA YoungBoy’s mother has a lot more to offer. Several video clips of Sherhonda Gaulden rapping in Shake Back are trending on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. Sherhonda Gaulden’s video has amassed over 61,000 views. Youtube, thanks to her rapping skills. It’s clear where YoungBoy gets his talent, as fans are crazy about what YoungBoy does.

Sherhonda Gaulde owns her own beauty line. Not only is she the mother of NBA YoungBoy a rapper, but she is also an entrepreneur who owns a beauty care line. Her brand, Slime Effects, offers affordable vegan cosmetics and skin care products. Her quirky sense of humor is a favorite among her fans, who frequently troll anything on Sherhonda’s Instagram account. She joked that she had just prepared her Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, sharing a picture she had googled. Sherhonda has spoken openly about being the grandmother of her 12 grandchildren. Sherhonda Gaulde also subtly shaded her mother.

NBA YoungBoy’s mom Sherhonda Gaulden wows fans with her rapping skills in viral song

It’s possible that Sherhonda Gaulden hangs out with her son, YoungBoy, and his music style influences her. Or maybe the Louisiana rapper’s skills are genetic. Gaulden’s freestyle went viral, demonstrating her ability to keep the flow while rapping and maintaining voice control while staying on the beat. According to the video footage, Gaulden, 48, says we can both rap and play games, but he calls me a freak and eats my cunt six days a week. According to reports, this video isn’t as new as one might think. This week, fans started the #sherhondagaulden challenge by listening to her on TikTok and using her sounds to create their own videos. The song and video were released three years ago, but went viral on TikTok this week.

Fans who didn’t know Sherhonda Gaulden could rap were stunned by her rapping skills. She may be puzzled by the news, but others may not. This is because she appeared as a featured collaborator on her son’s records, including her “Bout My Business”. Her YouTube channel also features songs with hard bars, such as “Voodoo” featuring Teelee. Sherhonda Gaulden is a stand-up comedian in addition to cultivating a musical genius and she has appeared at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Some fans even asked Sherhonda Gaulden for more music after hearing her new song. One fan wrote: You never know what they will have to do to give Sis a chance. As one person put it, this went viral on the streets. According to another, “She likes girl jerks. A commenter said: But she doesn’t want her to spit on her mom eating ketchup.

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