Ned Fulmer and Try Guys drama details, what’s going on between them?

Try Guys has been a hot topic on social media over the past few weeks over allegations of cheating by member Ned Fulmer.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Drama Explained by Try Guys and Ned Fulmer

The Try Guys announced through their official social media handles that Ned Fulmer had left the company.

We also issued an official statement to address the issue.

‘Ned Fulmer no longer works for Try Guys. Our internal review does not show a path forward together. Thanks for your support as we explore this change.’

The announcement comes after a Reddit user claimed that Fulmer was caught hanging out with someone other than his wife at a New York City club.

Fulmer has been married to Ariel Fulmer since 2012. They have two sons, 4-year-old Wesley and 1-year-old Finn.

Fulmer is also known to be in a relationship with Tri Guys producer Alexandria Hering. She is a member of the famous YouTube channel and is often featured in clips.

Ned and Ariel Fulmer comment on the controversy.

Ned Fulmer shared a message on social media to address allegations of cheating and revealed that he had been unfaithful to his wife for 10 years.

‘I should have always put my family first, but I lost focus and got an agreed-upon working relationship,’ he wrote.

Fulmer said, “I’m sorry for hurting fans, fans, and above all, Ariel with my actions. What matters right now is my marriage and my children, and that’s where I will focus my attention.”

Ariel Fulmer also broke her silence on the subject by issuing a statement on social media handles.

‘Thank you to everyone who reached out to me,’ she said. It means a lot. Nothing is more important to me and Ned than our family, and all we ask for now is that you respect our privacy for our children.’

Who are Try Guys?

Try Guys previously consisted of four members: Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, and Ned Fulmer.

The group started off on BuzzFeed in 2014 and became famous for recording themselves while experimenting with new and different things.


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