Need a quick lunch for the kids this summer? Copycat McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap Structure

Running out of lunch ideas for kids yet? Are they coming at noon and rushing to find something they will love as well as eat? It’s July now, so if you answered yes to either, there are so many more days in the summer to plan your lunch break! luckily, Imitation McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap I am here to save the day.

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With McDonald’s drive-thru these days, preschoolers will eat happy meals and teens will want a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder Cheese. But when our eldest was a kid, we both loved our Chicken Snack Wraps. It was on the value menu and was perfect for a quick lunch or snack before sports after school.

Does McDonald’s still have chicken snack wraps?

Sadly, no. In fact, since 2016. I didn’t realize it was no longer on our local McDonald’s menu, but decided it was time to make it at home!

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What’s in McDonald’s Snack Wrap?

Snack wraps have been a menu item at McD’s in the US, Canada and UK. It consists of fried or grilled 100% white meat chicken breast, lettuce, shredded cheddar jack cheese and sauce (ranch, honey mustard or salsa) wrapped in a flour tortilla. Released in the US in 2006, it was updated in 2007 with grilled chicken and honey mustard options.

Is it difficult to make McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap?

These are what I’d like to call “dumb easy” because they don’t have an actual recipe for themselves. It’s close to an assembly project! With frozen chicken tenders and sandwich ingredients at hand, you can make a quick and simple summer lunch when your kids are hungry and have a lot of work to do. My kids swallowed them and asked for more!

how to make McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap

To make the perfect snack wrap, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Frozen Chicken Tenders
  • green leaf lettuce
  • Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese
  • ranch dressing
  • wheat tortilla
Christa Marshall
(Christa Marshall)

To save time, I used frozen chicken tenders. You can absolutely dredge and even fry the fresh ones. Bake chicken tenders on a large baking sheet according to the packaging instructions. I always add a few more minutes for extra crispiness.

Christa Marshall
(Christa Marshall)

You can even help the kids build their own, making for a fun and practical lunch. Great for picnics in the park or for lunch on the go!

Christa Marshall
(Christa Marshall)

Top Tips for Imitating McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wraps

  • For the best crunchy texture when grilled, look for frozen extra crispy chicken tenders.
  • Dry the lettuce so that the tortilla does not get soggy. I like to chop up the chicken and leave it on while it’s grilling to help the moisture evaporate.
  • Most of my chicken tenders were large enough that I needed only one per wrap, but the smaller chicken tenders used two.
  • For the perfect ranch drizzle, add some to a plastic storage bag and cut the corners to pipe it in. A squeeze bottle will also work.

These Copycat McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wraps will make your kids smile and take their thanks to the table! Summer lunchtime stress is gone!

Served with Chicken Snack Wrap

What side dish to serve once the delicious wrap is done?

  • classic french fries
  • smiley face potato
  • Mango Coleslaw
  • lemon cucumber

More imitation recipes to try:

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Imitation McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap

Christa Marshall


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  • active time

    15 minutes.

  • total time

    35 minutes

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  • 6 Large Frozen Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders in 25oz Bags
  • 6 Faita Size Flour Tortillas
  • One medium head leaf lettuce, chopped
  • 1 cup Chopped Cheddar Jack Cheese
  • ranch dressing
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  1. Place chicken tenders on a baking sheet and bake according to packaging instructions, then bake for a few more minutes for added crunch.

  2. After cooking, let it cool slightly for easier handling.

  3. Place lettuce, shredded cheese and 1 soft on each tortilla.

  4. Drizzle with ranch dressing.

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3-6 servings.

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