Netflix Beauty Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Airtime

If you’re looking for a new drama to watch, you should check out Beauty, which is coming to Netflix soon. Yes, this new drama is set to arrive on streaming platforms with an amazing storyline and an amazing star cast. If that’s interesting, you should find all updates here.

Read ahead to learn more about Beauty on Netflix along with other details.

Beauty Release Date on Netflix

If you’re looking for something thrilling to watch, this new movie Beauty, which has arrived on Netflix, can serve that purpose. The film is expected to arrive soon this summer on streaming platform Netflix. If you’re looking for a release date, you can find it here.

The movie Beauty will soon be available on Netflix on June 29th. However, the time is 3:00 AM EST. Here are a few more updates to give you some insight into what to expect. To know that you should read ahead about what to expect from it.

What to expect from Netflix’s beauty drama?

The Netflix drama Beauty is directed by Andrew Do Sun-moo. While written and co-produced by Lena Waithe, Michael Ellenberg and Rishi Rajani. Although you may be new to this movie. But we have an official trailer for everyone to see. Through this, you can get a glimpse of the plot of the drama.

Netflix Beauty
Image via Netflix/YouTube

The film focuses on the story of a black woman who is an aspiring singer and goes through a lot of struggles. The struggles of her domineering family, the pressures of her industry she stepped into her footsteps. While also having a love life with her girlfriend.

Who is the main character of the drama Beauty?

You can also look forward to seeing many actors in the Netflix drama Beauty. Gracie Marie Bradley stars in Beauty. Aleyse Shannon plays Jasmine and Kyle Bary as Abel, while others join. Michael Ward plays Kane and Andre Ojima plays Coleman as a young pastor.

Rapper Joe Bada$$ also appears in the film. Other than that, you can also see Niecy Nash and Sharon Stone. Sarah Stavro, James Urbaniac, Carla Carvalho, Latoya Edwards, Aaron Morton, Jim Loftus and many others also appear in the film.

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