Netflix Partner Fever for Stranger Things A Journey to the Dark Side

Netflix has partnered with Fever to take visitors to the dark side of the world. weird things.

For an immersive experience set in London, a new story has been developed with the creators of the series to feature memorable settings and characters from the show.

Guests begin their 1-hour adventure into Hawkins, including a visit to the Hawkins Lab and Inverted Down. Traveling into a parallel world, visitors will face the horrors lurking in the darkness, unlock their secret abilities and help save the town.

After escaping from Upside Down, fans can explore Mix-Tape, a food, beverage and retail hub. You can meet real people. bizarre story Eat USS butterscotch ice cream at Scoops Ahoy and try to break Madmax’s highscore at Palace Arcade. bizarre story-A themed bar, chatting with the friendly cashier at Family Video, buying exclusives, taking pictures with the Demogorgon, and more.

The ticketing experience starts in August.

Greg Lombardo, Head of Experience at Netflix, said: weird things Fans will accept the opportunity to become the heroes of the story and will team up with Eleven, Mike and the rest of the gang to fight the evil forces that are trying to devour the Hawkins. Fans love to lose themselves in the world when they watch the show. Now for the first time, we will be able to live episodes of the series in real life.”

This experience is official weird things Stores opened in New York and Los Angeles in 2021. There are also New York and San Francisco experiences that will open in May and June.

Volume 1 of Season 4 weird things It premieres on Netflix on May 27th and volume 2 releases on July 1st.

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