Netflix ‘Resident Evil’ Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know So far

If you’re looking for a horror series, don’t miss the new arrival of Resident Evil. Yes, a Japanese video game adaptation series of the same name is coming soon as a series on Netflix. If you want to know what the series is really about. If so, here are all the updates for Resident Evil. So when is the series coming out?

Read ahead to learn more about Resident Evil and other details.

Resident Evil release date

You may be familiar with the Japanese video game Resident Evil. Well, there will probably be something similar in the series. However, it is clear that there is a unique touch to the story that stands out from the video game franchise.

resident evil
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Well, if it’s interesting enough about it you should write down the date it will drop. So, the Resident Evil series arrives on Netflix at midnight PT on July 14th. There is something more you want to know about this series.

What is the expected storyline for the Resident Evil series?

It arrives on Netflix, the platform to watch this week. You can get this series with two different timelines. Yes, one is around 2022. The other is around 2036. From here you will be transported to a fictional place called Raccoon City. A place under the control of The Umbrella Corporation.

In the story, you can see the Umbrella Corporation spreading a T-virus that creates zombies and monsters everywhere. The suspense of the rest of the story is about the series itself. So this week the series has arrived to catch up with all the horrific scenarios.

Who is the cast of the Resident Evil series?

There are already trailers for the series that came out a month ago. So we know who’s in the cast of the series this time around. So Lance Reddick, Ella Balinska and Tamara Smart starred. Of course there are more casts as well.

Reddick will also assume the role of Albert Wesker. Balinska plays the adult Jade Wesker. While Tamara also plays Jade Wesker. The role of Billie Wesker is Siena Agudong.

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