Netflix Wednesday: Is Johnny Depp Playing Uncle Fester? Rumors Explained

Wednesday’s cast could include Johnny Depp as one of the key characters, and that’s what the rumors are saying. Well, the relationship between the Adams family and Tim Burton is known to everyone. But for those who don’t know, he was executive producer and director of several episodes of the Adams family drama. However, recent rumors suggest that Johnny Depp will appear in the next Adams film. Really?

If you want to know more about Johnny Depp’s casting rumors on Wednesday, read ahead.

Tim Burton Directs Wednesday’s Netflix Series

Tim Burton’s new directorial work arrives with the Netflix series on Wednesday. This is based on Wednesday Adams in the Adams family. There is a strong bond between the Adams family and the team. Lately, we’ve been seeing fans curious about the upcoming drama on Netflix.

Well, so the comedy horror series is arriving on Netflix in Q4 of this year. The cast list for a drama not to be missed is long. This is where rumors are circulating that one of the characters will play Johnny Depp. could that be true?

Is Johnny Depp playing a role on Netflix’s Wednesday?

Tim Burton’s confirmed Wednesday casting is for Jenna Ortega to play Wednesday Adams and Luis Guzman to play Gomez Adams. The casting continues while Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Morticia Addams. However, there are rumors surrounding the role of Uncle Fester.

According to some rumors on the Internet, it is believed that Uncle Fester plays no one but Johnny Depp. However, there is no confirmation and information to prove that it is indeed the case. So we can’t confirm if Johnny Depp can be on Burton’s Wednesday.

Credit: Netflix

Tim Burton’s relationship with Johnny Depp

Rumors that Depp will be playing Uncle Fester on Wednesday may be due to a past collaboration between Depp and Burton. As before, they worked for Ed Wood and Dark Shadows. But we can’t convince him on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Uncle Fester in the ’90s was for Christopher Llyod. So it will be interesting to see who plays Uncle Fester right now and whether Johnny Depp really goes to Burton’s Wednesday. Because fans want to see if he can get the role in a Netflix horror comedy.

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