Netflix’s ‘Welcome To Eden’ Review: No, Never Mind

It always makes me wonder when I see a show that the media or the public doesn’t talk about at all to top the Netflix charts. However who watching welcome to edenThe new Spanish series, currently at number two on Netflix in the US, will soon overtake Ozark for the number one spot.

There are very few reviews of the show online and no one has seen it, so I thought I’d give it a try and try to be a measuring stick that others use to judge whether or not it is. to see it.

In short, don’t.

Welcome to Eden. The worst sin isn’t bad, but it’s pretty bad. just boring, this is not what I expected for Party Island turning into a murderous cult thriller. Despite the subject at hand, with all eight episodes it’s inevitably… boring.

The show opens with a mysterious invitation to an event called “Eden Blue” to promote energy drinks by inviting top influencers to a party on the island. Yes, just like the Fyre Festival, except that the party is actually…fun. To 95 out of 100. Five special “chosen” people take their medicine and are left behind after the others have left. They discover the “true” purpose of Eden, a self-sufficient community run by charming people in blue. These are the kind of eco-liberals who strive to build a utopia where other worlds can thrive when they fall to hell.

Of course they are also… evil.

spoilers followBut to be honest, you wouldn’t want to see the show solve the mystery anyway.

The strange thing about Welcome to Eden is that Why Commune is evil. They are not like secret drug smuggling, operating or sacrificing people to a pagan god. They literally use all of these methods. It seems like something that could be easily done without kidnapping people and killing those trying to leave to recruit new members and grow the community. It’s a great place! Looks like I’ll be fine without all the crime!

Casts are forgettable and interchangeable. Everyone is attractive and all girls are required to wear crop tops and no bras. But the show isn’t “funny sexy” either. No one here has a real chemistry, and most of them are just tools for recruiting, so you don’t really have much invested in the relationship after all.

Show too… Isn’t that scary? Kidnapping victims seem to be mostly annoyed by their plight rather than fear, and this is not a “Slasher” series. Those who run away or interfere with the operation are almost bloodless killed with No Country for Old Men’s cow puncher tools. why? do not know.

The horror element doesn’t work and the dramatic element doesn’t work. there literally is There is absolutely nothing comical like Welcome to Eden. I could have bought a liberal eco-cult as a villain group, but yet the show isn’t doing anything clever with politics. This looks like someone turned the reality show concept into a scripted drama with a few murders here and there. And it doesn’t work. Even with eight short episodes and a finale that calls for a season 2 renewal, it’s not worth the time.

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