Netizens accused Amber Heard of ‘writing in the air’ during her trial with Johnny Depp.

The high-profile defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard may be over, but the fans aren’t over.

Fans continue to watch the court session. However, several eagle-eyed Internet detectives found Heard pretending to be taking notes during the trial.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Amber Heard pretended to be taking notes during trial with Johnny Depp.

Several video clips of the Amber Heard v Johnny Depp defamation trial go viral on social media platforms every day.

Viewers of the defamation lawsuit have been watching Heard’s mannerisms since the trial began in Fairfax, Virginia.

Recently, many TikTok users have been trying to find out what the actress wrote in her notebooks during the trial. But instead of writing her notes, her fans discovered that she wasn’t actually writing anything.

In the close-up TikTok video, Heard’s pen tip didn’t even touch the notepad. This clip of an Aquaman actress pretending to be writing for the camera took the internet.

User reaction to video of Amber Heard graffiti in the air

Many Johnny Depp supporters are shouting that Amber Heard did such a bizarre thing.

Netizens flooded with comments on the video, continuing to question why she pretends to be writing during the trial.

One netizen said, ‘Faker deceives everything. everything.’

Another said, ‘It’s fun. I think she lives in an imaginary world.’

This viral video clip has been viewed over 780,000 times by current users.

What to expect after the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp defamation trial ends?

The widely known defamation case finally came to a dramatic conclusion on May 27th. Both sides announced their final arguments before a jury on Friday.

The jury soon announced their retirement to review their verdicts.

The jury will have to pay $50 million if it concludes that Heard defamed Depp in a post he wrote in 2018. These are the amounts listed when the Pirates of the Caribbean actor sued for lost earnings.

But if the jury favors Heard, Depp will have to pay her $100 million. This is the amount she saved when fighting him.

The court is expected to make a unanimous decision on May 31.



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