Netizens believe that Queen Elizabeth was reincarnated as Tricia Peitas’ baby.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there are claims that she was reborn as Tricia Peitas’ baby.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Social media users believe Queen Elizabeth has been reborn as Trisha Paytas’ baby.

On September 8, it was confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II had died at the age of 96. She was the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

However, while many paid tribute to the late monarch, some users came up with a bizarre theory. They claim that Queen Elizabeth was reborn as the child of a non-binary social media influencer.

A day before the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death, colorful YouTuber Tricia Feitas tweeted that she was preparing to give birth to her first child, a girl.

This coincidence led the Internet to believe that Queen Elizabeth was reincarnated as a child of Phytas.

User reaction to bizarre theory

The supernatural theory emerged only as a means to calm the mood, but it didn’t take long for other users to think of its possibilities.

RuPaul’s drag race graduate Jasmine Kennedie tweeted, ‘How much do you want to bet Trisha Paytas will say her child is the reincarnation of the Queen?’

On the other hand, one netizen said, “I found out through dozens of tweets that the queen was reincarnated as Tricia Peitas’ baby because she was going through labor at the same time.”

Another user joked, ‘For a year people have been reincarnating the queen with Trisha Paytas’ childish jokes, and it’s happening on the same day, so it feels like we’re really living in a simulation?!’

Another person tweeted, ‘You’re smiling. You’re smiling when Queen Elizabeth is about to reincarnate as Trisha Paytas’ baby.’

Who is Tricia Peitas?

Trisha Paytas was born in Riverside, California. She moved to Los Angeles to become an actress.

But to make a living, she worked as a stripper and escort. Nevertheless, in 2007 she started a YouTube channel and soon she made a popular sensation on the platform.

Paytas also appeared in My Strange Addiction, Celebrity Name Game, and Celebrity Big Brother 20 in the UK.

The 34-year-old OnlyFans model married Israeli artist Moses Hacmon in 2021. Nevertheless, she announced earlier this year that she would be pregnant with her first child on Valentine’s Day.


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