Netizens have mixed reactions as Elon Musk teases Donald Trump with a meme

Using crude, sexualized religious memes, Elon Musk accuses former President Donald Trump of struggling to stay away from Twitter. In response to Trump’s rejection of Twitter’s new owner Musk’s decision to reinstate his long-banned account, Musk shared a religious meme on Twitter Sunday with 118 million people. The image shows a monk praying as a young woman bends over his arm. The monk is tagged as “Donald Trump” and the female nudity is obscured by Twitter’s bluebirds.

Elon Musk captioned the Lord’s Prayer, “Lead us into temptation.” Elon Musk concludes by suggesting that Donald Trump is experiencing withdrawal symptoms after returning to his once-preferred site after a controversial poll. His own Truth Social site, with 4.61 million followers, is where he’ll be staying, unlike his hitherto inactive Twitter account, which now has 87.4 million followers. Almost 700,000 people liked and retweeted Musk’s meme on Monday morning. The renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson responded: Somehow, that fueled countless critics of Elon Musk.

Elon Musk teases Donald Trump with ‘Lead Us In Temptation’ meme

Following former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account reinstatement, Elon Musk posted an NSFW meme that sparked a huge discussion on social media. Recently, Tesla owners created a Twitter poll to determine whether the former president would return to his newly purchased social media platform. Trump’s Twitter account should be reinstated if Twitter users decide, as Elon wrote in his tweet, “Vox Popul, Vox Dei.” Despite an affirmative vote of just over half, Trump doesn’t seem interested in returning to the social media platform. In response, Elon Musk created a meme with the message “Lead us into temptation”. It’s no secret that Elon Musk has a penchant for tweeting controversial things. With the “Leave us not led into temptation” meme, he is the center of attention once again.

Twitter users can still see the NSFW meme he shared on Nov. 21. It depicts a young woman looking seductively at a monk labeled “Donald Trump” while a Twitter logo covers her backside. Despite being lifted from the Twitter ban, Elon Musk is teasing Trump not returning to the platform. In response to Trump’s indifference to returning to Twitter, Elon Musk shared a controversial meme, the New York Post reported. A former president told the outlet at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting that there was no reason to reinstate a former president. Elon launched a 24-hour poll on Friday, asking the public’s opinion on whether Trump should reinstate former President Donald Trump. In addition to sharing the Latin phrase “Vox Populi, Vox Dei”, he informed Twitter users that the vote would determine the outcome.

51.8% of Twitter users supported Trump’s reinstatement. The Twitter owner’s latest joke received mixed reactions. It may seem witty to some, but not to others. Atkins, a member of the California DNC and a self-styled “progressive reformer,” argued that this was pathetic on many levels beyond just plain gross misogyny. Think of what it would be like to be the richest man on the planet and beg for Donald Trump’s attention and approval from alt-right ‘influencers’. Musk’s tweet was also called “totally insipid, blasphemous and vulgar” by martial arts instructor Miss Ryan. It also shows what kind of man Twitter’s new owner is, he said. The meme has been interpreted in different ways, one follower asked. So you admit to bowing down to Trump? I was just curious.

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