Netizens react to Pete Davidson X Kaley Cuoco Meet Cute trailer

The trailer for Pete Davidson X Kaley Cuoco’s upcoming film Meet Cute gets everyone discussing it on Twitter. Peacock plans to host a movie premiere this month that is sure to excite everyone. But when the trailer for the movie arrived, it seems not everyone was impressed with it.

Learn more about Pete Davidson X Kaley Cuoco’s Meet Cute drop trailer.

Meet Cute, scheduled to be released in September

Peacock will soon be having a premiere for the movie Meet Cute. The film features Pete Davidson X Kaley Cuoco. The romantic comedy ‘Meet the Cutie’ is scheduled to be released on September 21st. Directed by Alex Lehmann, this film tells the story of Sheila and Gary.

Meet Cute is a love story in which Sheila and Gary fall in love. The story also finds a time machine that forces Sheila back in time to find the perfect man. With the audience who wants to see the movie. They’ve already seen the trailer for the movie.

Twitter Reacts to Pete Davidson X Kaley Cuoco cute meet‘s trailer

The trailer for the romantic comedy-themed movie ‘Meet the Cute Fox’ has been released this week. However, not everyone seems to be happy with the trailer for this movie. Here’s Sheila and Gary with mixed reviews for Meet Cute trailer.

The trailer shows the two characters in the bar connecting with each other as if they knew each other. The trailer even introduces the concept of a time machine. This is because it influences the love story of Sheila and Gary and favors the former. However, users are not satisfied with the trailer as they wait for the movie to be released.

Viewers not impressed by Meet Cute’s trailer

We all know how excited the audience was when they saw the movie ‘Cute’. But before the actual release, the trailer for the film doesn’t seem to have left a very good impression on everyone. Just like when the trailer for Peacock’s Meet Cute came out, we got reviews of the trailer from everyone we couldn’t miss.

Some users saw Pete Davidson in the movie and were not impressed. Someone wrote about the trailer asking if it was a parody of an SNL trailer. Some even said Pete wasn’t funny.

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