Netizens were inspired by Dexter, a dog that walks like a human.

Netizens are amazed at the news that there is a dog, Dexter, who walks like a human.

This cute little puppy from Colorado turns his head wherever he goes because of his ability to walk on only two legs.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Meet Dexter, the dog who learned to walk like a human

A recent episode of the CBS Sunday Morning Show introduced viewers to Dexter, a dog that walks like a human.

Dexter is an adorable two-color walker Brittany Spaniel living in Ouray, Colorado with his owner, Kentee Pasek.

Brittany Spaniels are known for their lively and active lifestyle, but Dexter’s traits make him stand out from the breed of dogs.

His owner, Kentee, insists that it is not a trick she taught him, but a survival tactic he has adapted after a near-death experience.

When Canine was a puppy, he escaped the yard and sprinted into the traffic jam. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car, losing his front leg and badly damaging his other leg.

It is also known that Dexter has been in a wheelchair for a while. Until the day comes when he climbs the stairs on two legs without any support to Kentee’s porch.

Kenty told CBS News, ‘I ran out to get coffee. I thought, “How is this going?”

She also said that Dexter takes her to the vet regularly to make sure her joints and hips are healthy. She added that the vet confirmed that Dexter needs to be happy and mobile.

After six years, Dexter has become a full-fledged celebrity not only in his hometown but also in the tourists who come to see him.

He also has an Instagram account under the name ‘dexterdogouray’. More than 140,000 users follow his page on social media sites.

Twitter users react to Dexter.

After watching CBS’s Sunday Morning show, several viewers took to Twitter to express their feelings.

One user said, ‘I hope I can inspire someone who is depressed by sharing Dexter’s story today. May this puppy’s journey give you courage and strength. In life, we can achieve the impossible if we face challenges and choose hope. Dexter inspires us all.’

Another said, ‘Dexter has a lesson for all of us. When faced with a challenge, adapt.’



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