New surveillance clip of police officers retreating during Uvalde school shooting

New surveillance footage has been released showing police retreating from the gunfire as the gunman continued to fire in the hallways of Uvalde’s Robb Elementary School. Texas.

Here’s everything you need to know.

A new surveillance video of the Uvalde shooting is here.

The Austin American-Statesman newspaper recently released a new video of an 18-year-old boy entering school at 11:33 a.m. shortly after he collided with a truck outside a building.

It appears to be armed with a semi-automatic rifle. The shooter continues walking down the empty hallway as he sees a young boy shooting into the classroom.

A teenage boy fires dozens of shells at children at the doorway before entering.

Then he starts shooting outside the classroom. He will most likely be facing the judge. The police flee further from the area and retreat further.

They appear to huddle at the end of the hallway waiting for reinforcements. Police officers armed with semi-automatic weapons and ballistic shields will not break into the classroom until 12:21 p.m. when they arrive at the scene.

Nevertheless, police finally confront the killer at 12:50 PM, and border patrol officers shoot him to death.

The video comes amid continuing anger over police response to the bloodshed. It is unclear what the officers were doing during the 1 hour and 14 minutes of their arrival.

A tragedy that occurred on May 24, just days before the end of the school year, killed 19 fourth graders and two teachers in the shooting.

Officials ‘disappointed’ at the release of the video

Many victims’ families criticized the newspaper’s decision because they promised to watch the footage before it was made public.

Mayor Don McLaughlin said at a city council meeting that the newspaper’s action was ‘the most chicken-footed thing I’ve ever seen’.

He continued, “Some of the video should not have been released.”

The director of the Texas Department of Public Security (DPS) also expressed disappointment over the leak.

Uvalde School
Photo: KVUE

DPS Director Steven McCraw issued a written statement sharing his views on surveillance footage.

He said, “I am deeply sorry that this video was released before all the families affected that day. The Uvalde community had the opportunity to see it as part of President Dustin Burrows’ plan.’

McCraw added, ‘The people most affected should be among the first to see it.’



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