New York Jets QB Zach Wilson explains why he looks ‘fat’ heading into season two.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ — New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson on Tuesday afternoon laughed after being questioned by his coach about what his coach referred to as “flesh” and “thick” for his new bulky build ahead of the OTA kick off. this week.

“He gained weight,” Wilson said. “Did you see him?”

But seriously, the Jets’ 6-foot-2 quarterback has focused on fitness this offseason and looked stronger in the lower body during the team’s first press conference practice at training camp. After finishing the regular season at 208 pounds last year, Wilson said he’s up to 221 pounds.

“It was probably the first time in my life I’ve taken a bigger approach in terms of nutrition, not just lifting,” Wilson said after practice. “Of course I do my usual strength training and lifting and running every year, but… [this year] I actually had a written plan to track how much and when to eat, everything macroscopically, and have someone help out with it all, and that was probably the biggest difference.”

Wilson said the plan was created by hiring a personal chef and working with Jets’ in-house nutritionist. And he said he noticed a difference on the field early in his offseason workout.

“It definitely made me feel better,” Wilson said. “Energy, I think the ability to have that stamina throughout practice is better. And in the long run I think getting me a little bit bigger will help if we get into a game where we actually get hit and get tackled.”

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Wilson said his goal is to run at around 218 pounds at the start of the season, but he knows he’ll lose some weight after the hot offseason, including training camp, so staying above 220 pounds for now is the ideal point.

“Everyone loses weight during the season when you hit a goal,” Wilson said. “Everyone tries to be as big as possible, and once training camp starts, you’ll lose some weight.” “That was the goal because I feel more athletic, faster and carrying more weight. For some reason, I feel like a better athlete by gaining more weight.”

Robert Saleh laughed at himself when he called Wilson “thick” before practice on Tuesday. Earlier this month, he referred to Wilson after the draft as “similar, but in a good way.” But he said that wasn’t the only change for the Jets’ second-year quarterback.

“He’s handsome, confident, he’s smiling, and he has a good vocal,” Saleh said of Wilson. “I said you can always tell by the volume of your voice your level of confidence and your understanding of what they are asking for, and he’s gotten pretty loud. He’s in a good room too. Just hang out with him [offensive coordinator Mike] Lafleur [quarterback coach Rob] Calabrese is in the room with him, so it makes less noise. But at the same time a lot of good things are happening.”

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