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The NFL season is just four months away, but the hype and anticipation have reached another level after fans accepted the league’s annual schedule announcement. Now that all teams are fully aware of the road to Super Bowl LVII, SI Sportsbook’s odds coordinator has announced the (nearly) winning totals for a total of 32 teams for the 2022 NFL season.

It should be emphasized that we only have access to the 31-team market as no predictions have been published for Cleveland due to the unknown status of new Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. The Star Signal Caller hasn’t played since the 2020 season after playing with the Houston Texans last season and currently faces a possible suspension related to a pending civil lawsuit over sexual assault charges.

After reviewing the NFL schedule announcement, several odds markets stand out as worthy investments.

Let’s dive in.

2022 season win total investment

Philadelphia Eagles OVER 8.5 (-167)

The Eagles progressed fairly quickly when young quarterback Jalen Hurts took over the former Tennessee star’s expansive AJ Brown. Philadelphia recorded blockbuster trades on the first night of the NFL draft, sending picks 18 and 101 to the Titans for the talented Brown. The physical target collected 185 catches and 24 touchdowns from 2,995 yards in just three seasons, and immediately took the Eagles’ offense to another level.

Brown already has Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith, tight end Dallas Goedert and joined the Philadelphia attack in backfield with Miles Sanders as running back.

After finishing last season with a 9-7 record, the odds creators forced the Eagles to post their season win total prediction of 8.5, which is an overkill at odds of -167. The Eagles have a 4.5 point road preference in Detroit, so a win can help them get off the block. Thanks to the 3rd easiest schedule strength (0.464), I think this number will increase as the season draws closer. I expect this market to be 9 and prefer to invest with a more favorable odds.

Baltimore Ravens OVER 9.5 (-143)

The Ravens went 8-3 last season after being ravaged by injuries and ended the year with a 6-game losing streak with AFC North 8-9. The club will welcome the return of promising running back JK Dobbins in 2022. Dynamic Bag lost his entire sophomore campaign after taking a total of 925 yards and nine touchdowns in the 2020 rookie season after suffering a season-ending knee injury in preseason.

From Weeks 6 to 12, the Ravens will face Giants, Browns, Saints, Panthers and Jaguar. Every year in the NFL we see teams transition from last-ditch to division-winners the following season. Opened with a 4.5-point road preference against the Jets in Week 1, the Ravens are arguably the best contenders (after the Broncos) to accomplish that feat with the 10th easiest constant intensity (.474) in the league this season.

Arizona Cardinals Under 9.5 (-188)

The Cardinals play their first six games without star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. The club closed the deal while trading former Ravens wideout marquise “Hollywood” Brown in the NFL Draft. He posted the first 1,000-yard receiving season of his three-year NFL career. But the Cardinals, who play in a division made up of defending Super Bowl champions Rams and an improving 49ers squad, will need to achieve double-digit victories this season.

The NFL didn’t do Arizona any favors when it came to scheduling as they are set to open a club with Patrick Mahomes, a road trip against Davante Adams and the Raiders, and return home to face champion Rams. In the last three games of the Hopkins suspension, Arizona will face Carolina, Philadelphia and Seattle, giving them two much-needed victories.

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Overall, the Cardinals face the second most difficult schedule intensity (.543), respecting the money with a brutal season close consisting of games against New England, Denver, home v Tampa Bay (Christmas Day) and San Francisco. Invest in your team’s 9.5 season total win forecast.

Kansas City Chiefs UNDER 10.5 (-105)

Betting on Patrick Mahomes is not a very wise investment in many cases. But the Star Signal Caller lost his best receiving weapon after the Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill to Miami at the end of March.

Kansas City will face a massive challenge with home matches against the Chargers, Raiders and Bills, as well as road matchups against Cardinals, Colts, Buccaneers and 49ers before they close in Week 8.

Playing the NFL’s sixth toughest schedule (0.533) was even more daunting when it was revealed that the Chiefs would have to play four of their last six games on the road at the end of the regular season.

Playing in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL, Kansas City will struggle to win 11 in their seventh straight season or claim the AFC West Crown. The Raiders now have the league’s best wide receiver from Davante Adams, the Seahawks have Russell Wilson below center and the Chargers own perhaps the most powerful offense in the division along with Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler and Keenan Allen.

2022 NFL Season Win Totals

top tier
Buffalo Bills 11.5 (-143 and above)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11.5 (-125+)
Green Bay Packers 11.5 (less than -125)
Dallas Cowboys 10.5 (less than -125)
Kansas City Chiefs 10.5 (less than -112)
Los Angeles Rams 10.5 (less than -112)
Los Angeles Chargers 10.5 (under -143)
Denver Bronco 10.5 (less than -167)

second tier
Cincinnati Bengal 9.5 (-125+)
San Francisco 49ers 9.5 (-167+)
Baltimore Ravens 9.5 (-143+)
Indianapolis Colts 9.5 (-143+)
Tennessee Titans 9.5 (below -111)
Arizona Cardinals 9.5 (below -188)

middle level tier
Philadelphia Eagles 8.5 (167+)
Miami Dolphins 8.5 (-143 and above)
Minnesota Vikings 8.5 (-143+)
Las Vegas Raiders 8.5 (-111+)
New England Patriots 8.5 (-111+)

work in progress
New Orleans Saints 7.5 (-143+)
Pittsburgh Steelers 7.5 (-125+)
Washington Commanders 7.5 (-143 and above)
New York Giants 7.5 (under -143)

lower tier
Detroit Lions 6.5 (below -167)
Chicago Bears 6 (-143+)
Jacksonville Jaguar 6.5 (less than -143)
Carolina Panthers 5.5 (-143+)
New York Jets 5.5 (-167 or higher)
Atlanta Falcons 4.5 (-125+)
Seattle Seahawks 5.5 (-143+)
Houston Texas 4.5 (-143 and above)

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