NHS staff fined for parking at their health center

NHS staff are being issued a £70 Parking Fee Bill (PCN) for parking at the Medical Center during shifts. The troubles started a few months ago when the newly built Aldi hired an executive company. parking eyeto manage the adjacent parking lot Pervec Health Milton Keynes Center. Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are installed at the ALDI entrance with unnecessarily wide coverage to photograph vehicles entering an adjacent NHS site. Aldi store manager and Parkingeye are aware of this and will ensure that tickets are canceled upon appeal., but not everyone knows they have to appeal, and some employees have sent multiple PCNs. Aldi blames Parkingeye and Parkingeye customer service is unable to adjust the camera position.
KH Chertsey, Surrey

Aldi opened in December, so Parkingeye took five months to sort the cameras. Initially, Aldi said that staff at the health center, which includes dentists, two specialty clinics, and GP surgeries, would need to log vehicle registration numbers into Aldi stores to prevent future PCNs. When drivers pointed out that it was unreasonable for a driver to have to register with an unconnected third party to park in their own car park, we now confirmed that the ANPR camera was calibrated to only capture vehicles entering the Aldi building. . Parkingeye contacted for comments.

Earlier this month, I reported on an enforcement agency tracking food bank users and volunteers charging them up to £170 for parking in the food bank’s own parking lot. Management companies prevent abuse of private parking spaces, but unreasonable rates and strong tactics have sparked government crackdowns. In February, plans were announced that would limit most private parking fees to £50 and require a reasonable grace period before PCNs are issued. Private parking rates are similar to Council PCNs, but are bills rather than fines. Drivers who believe they were issued unfairly should file a complaint before paying the enforcement company or the landowner. If that fails, they take their case Independent Appeals Service or poplarIt depends on the dispute resolution plan the company has subscribed to.

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