Nick Saban responds to Alabama football allegations of manipulation of Louisville’s Tyler Harrell transfer.

Hoover, Alabama — transport portal In college football, when creating a kind of free agent (FA), there is a widespread discussion about whether or not to falsify it.

Louisville manager Scott Satterfield recently told 247 Sports He believes tampering has occurred with receiver Tyler Harrell, who announced a move to Alabama this spring. But there’s not much Satterfield said he could prove.

alabama football Manager Nick Saban was asked about these comments ahead of Wednesday’s Regional Tradition Pro-Am game at Greystone Golf and Country Club.

“We don’t manipulate anyone,” Saban said. “I don’t know who or anyone who manipulated him. I don’t know if anyone manipulated our players. I think there are times when something happens and you wonder. I don’t make any accusations. Against one person, I don’t know anything about anyone who did anything with someone else’s player.”

Teams will not be able to contact players until they enter their names in the NCAA transfer portal.

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Alabama added five transfers this season from Harrell, Georgia’s Jermaine Burton, Georgia Tech’s Jahmyr Gibbs, LSU’s Eli Ricks and Vanderbilt’s Tyler Steen. Meanwhile, 26 Crimson Tide players, scholarships and walk-ons have entered the transfer portal.

Saban was also asked if he had any experience with manipulating his players and what he should do.

“I think it’s really difficult to control a third party, either directly or indirectly,” Saban said. “When you force a man to leave the program and go somewhere else the next day after the game … I have no evidence that nothing happened and I am not blaming. But it will make you wonder. People are professional enough in our sport to follow the rules. There must be sufficient honesty and integrity between us.”

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