Nicki Minaj explains the term ‘Karen’ after online feud with Latto

Nicki Minaj defined the meaning of the word ‘Karen’ after recently arguing online with fellow rapper Latto.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Nicki Minaj explains what ‘Karen’ means on IG Live

After Nicki Minaj’s Twitter bipra Latto used the term ‘Karen’ in one of her tweets on social media, the debate about ageism and bullying began.

Many users also believed that Minaj was using aggressive terminology to refer to the mixed ancestry of Big Energy rappers.

However, the Super Bass singer used the word on Instagram Live to clear the air.

She started with ‘Being Karen is about being crafty, passive and aggressive.’

Minaj gives more examples of blaming black men for things white women never did.

‘It’s a good example if you think about it,’ she said. She knows that when the white cops come she goes to arrest the backman because she already has stereotypes about black people.’

The rapper also added, ‘That’s why I know the police don’t like the black man, so I can pretend to be naive and nice in front of the police easily’.

Although the Grammy-nominated artist claimed she wasn’t talking about anyone in the live stream.

However, she said, ‘If you know that you are deceiving me and attack me while pretending to be innocent, it means ‘Karen’. this uh Daddy Bear is two years old and he can understand that.’

Nicki Minaj and Lato exchanged insults on Twitter.

Nicki Minaj had a heated conversation with Latto on social media a week ago.

The feud began when Minaj criticized the Grammy Award for listing her ‘Super Freaky Girl’ in the pop category rather than rap.

She said, ‘If SFG (Super Freaky Girl) 2B leaves RAP, Big Energy will also leave! ANY1 talking diff simply hates Nicky or is a troll.’

Latto, on the other hand, clapped, ‘Damn, you can’t win against losing… you can’t even celebrate all these awards/awards’.

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old rapper said, ‘This Karen must have mentioned my name in over 100 interviews. But today, Scratch-off decides to be silent. Rather than represent the black woman who inspired her the most.’


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