Nicki Minaj’s Super Freaky Girl “One Thing About Me” TikTok Trend Explained

TikTok is rumored to be trending “One thing about me” by Nicki Minaj’s song Freaky Girl. Well, it’s not new on TikTok for a song or one specific line to be extremely viral. But what’s caught everyone’s attention lately is Nicki Minaj’s song Freaky Girl.

Read ahead to learn more about Nicki Minaj’s song “One thing about me”, which is trending on TikTok.

Nicki Minaj’s “One thing about me” from Freaky Girl is trending.

We’ve seen several TikTok songs go viral by word of mouth. Well, one of them, Nicki Minaj’s song, went viral on the app. Yes, Nicki’s song Freaky Girl has been trending a lot in the app with the line “One thing about me”.

One thing about me:

♬ Original Sound – Taylor

Freaky Girl has lyrics to the song “One thing about me, I’m baddest lives”. This has now turned into a trend on TikTok and is driving everyone crazy. If you haven’t tried this trend yet. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What makes the “one thing about me” trend go viral?

Nicki Minaj’s song Freaky Girl was a hit when it came out. However, one phrase in the song, ‘One thing about me’, is gaining immense popularity. Because now it has become a trend for users to create videos.

The “one thing about me” line in a trend allows users to reveal something unique or interesting to everyone in the trend. While Nicki Minaj’s song lines play in the background. So, thousands of videos have been created following this viral trend.

User reactions to the “one thing about me” trend

Users love to try out trends that are relevant to them. So, one of the trends for me has been a good trend for TikTok users. Anyone trying this trend has revealed unique facts about themselves that are interesting to know.

Many of them have tried the other way around, making up funny or simply weird facts about them that have been revealed in this trend. Others who didn’t try the trend simply liked it and said the same thing.

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